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This is the Operating Systems Useful Info thread. It is meant to contain links to Rage3D threads containing information people will find useful, or ask repeatedly.

To have a thread or content added here, post in this thread a link to the Rage3D thread that has the info. If you want to make a new addition to non-Rage3D content, make a new Rage3D thread in the appropriate forum with a link and description of the information, and post that thread here. This is to allow Rage3D discussion of the content.

Windows 7




Data Recovery
Applications - Free: PC Inspector File Recovery
Applications - Paid: GetDataBack
Partition Recovery

Data Security

Microsoft 'Fix-It' Solution Center - Tools to Automatically Solve Issues
Windows Performance Toolkit - Troubleshooting long boot times, fixing performance issues.
AVG Recovery CD/USB - Anti-Virus & More tools for Windows
How To Install/Remove Programs/Drivers in Windows Safe Mode
Microsoft Vista Recovery Disc - Access the Vista Recovery Center
Windows Clean Boot Procedure for Game/Application Troubleshooting
Swap Motherboards without Reinstalling Windows
Downloadable Boot CD's for data/OS recovery & repair
Shutdown Problems - Two guides for diagnosing and resolving incomplete or long shutdowns for Windows.
Vista Printer Sharing - Ristogods Solution (64bit host, with 32bit client)
Network Map in Windows Vista does not display computers that are running Windows XP
What to do if XP SP3 borks your XP MCE install
File & Print Sharing in Windows Vista
How to connect Vista with Windows Home Server (or, how to install LLTD on Server 2003)
How to Remove Drivers That Are Tied To Devices No Longer Present - Managing the Microsoft AHCI Driver With AMD Chipsets
File Systems & Partitioning
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