Then mini LED vs QD OLED monitors

Then mini LED vs QD OLED monitors

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Woah lots of similar monitors showing up.

LG has a 48 with matte finish and OLED.
Asus has a 42 and 48 inch matte finish 138 Hz OLED.
Samsung has a 1000R 55 inch mini LED.
There might also be a Samsung QD OLED coming out.

Might be worth waiting before I indulge as lots of choices. Just can’t believe that everyone is too stupid to make a 32-35 inch 16:9 OLED or QD OLED. :rolleyes:
A custom curve is pretty neat though, you could probably sit pretty close to it with if you go full samsung.
I have zero scanlines on mine. I checked mine thoroughly too since I heard others having issues.

I run 165Hz w/ GSync enabled
I have not noticed any, but I'm pretty far from the monitor so I'd probably miss if it had faint ones.
That PPI is sweet but there's just too many drawbacks holding me back from getting one. Native contrast ratio is nice, about the same as my 120hz VA Sammy TV which looks good. The excessive curve killed the old G7 for me, don't expect to have changed my mind since seeing that in person, but maybe it wont bother me so much anymore. I'd be willing to give it another go.

Have read reports of minor issues with VRR, either in the form of flashing or stutter, and a fixed VRR overdrive amount meaning response time isn't really any better than a standard IPS 144hz monitor when VRR is active - which of course it will be all the time.

Leaning towards the ASUS PG42UQ instead. It's not much more than the G8. 41.5" may be too large, but it's a gamble I may take. 138hz is on the edge. I currently cap FPS to 140 so dropping to 135 shouldn't be a big deal, plus you get that sweet OLED motion clarity.

Ughh you're right KAC. Where the hell are the 32" flat (or slightly curved) OLED's with 144+ hz?
42 etc is too big for me. I really tried to play games on the 55 inch CX but it doesn’t work for me on a computer. Am OK playing Forza stuff with Xbox controller but for fps games I need a small screen and be close to my desk. 42 inch in fps games would be perpetual headaches for me. I don’t need them.

I remember having headache with a 34 inch ultra wide because I had to look both ways in fps games so not doing that shite again.
That doesn't even make sense for a 34" ultrawide. The 16:9 portion of the screen is exactly the same as a 27" 1440p monitor.

As for the 42", sure it's probably too big.
You don't have to look any further than normal, the middle of the display has exactly the same view as a 27" 1440p panel.

Anyhow, I agree the 42" is too big, plus at that size it likely needs some curve for desktop.
I haven't had any issue with VRR; I'd definitely notice stuttering, but haven't seen any. I'm not sure about "flashing" - don't think I've seen that.

I'm not touching an OLED again for a bit. I realized I spent more time baby-sitting the screen than I did anything else. Now, I can let stress-tests etc stay up on the screen without worrying about burn-in and whatever else was going to damage the panel. I turn the screen on, use it, and turn it off.. no more worrying 24/7 every time I sat down to use the OLED.

I'm still not a fan of the curve, but I got used to it I guess.

I will say, that despite the motion clarity being phenomenal on the OLED, I've been hard pressed to notice a difference since moving to the NEO G7. I also haven't played many FPS games lately.. been a lot of Rome 2 and/or overclocking/benching.
LG showing off bendable OLED that bends by pressing a button. 42 inch full size. lol at Corsair manual implementation.
Picked up a Neo G7 32". Been playing on it for about 2 hours and first impressions are not good.

+ PPI is good.

- Motion is smeary at anything under max refresh rate, and particularly darker backgrounds, I suppose due to fixed VRR overdrive.
- Scanlines! They're difficult to see but they're there. I can see them slightly within OSD.
- There's bloom around things like mouse cursor and text. Even with local dimming disabled, wtf??
- Curve is far too aggressive. Desktop looks ridiculous. It's not a consistent rounded curve either. The sides are flat with a bend in the middle. :down:
- Colours seem to have an overly warm tint. Can't seem to get it looking right.
- HDR not so impressive, and bloomy as hell.
- Build quality is poor.
- Colour shift from top to bottom and side to side. It's not good.
- Slight vignetting around edges.

I have a week to decide if I want to return it and I'm pretty sure I will. Overall it feels like 3 steps backwards from the AW3821DW. 5/10
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