Then mini LED vs QD OLED monitors

Then mini LED vs QD OLED monitors

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Man the color banding looks terrible on yours. What the hell.

I think you got a bad panel. Yeah the curve is **** tbh
I think it is his phone that is ****ing up that image by trying to brighten up things in a dark-ish room.
Yeh it's my garbage samsung phone taking a picture of my garbage samsung monitor. Anyway it's boxed up and ready to be returned.
Money refunded. PG42UQ on pre-order.

I actually sat in front of a 42" LG C2 at the store and it seems like a pretty good size.
Let us know how you like playing BF and other fps on it. Also if you have a seizure know that the company did warn you before playing so your rights are forfeit. :bleh:

See how I go. It's only 3 1/2" bigger than my current monitor. About the same width, just taller.

running Karhu for some mem stress testing..

first time seeing scan lines.

i hate you

lol. Honestly, if you read review of Samsung monitors the scanline thing is a persistent issue on their monitors for many years now. It's rare they show up, but my CHG90 gets them as well. My best guess is that it has to do with firmware/hardware Samsung use's to driver their monitors.
I have no idea. I genuinely didn't notice it before but I've been testing DDR5 overclocking and I guess the white menu of Karhu with my darker background..

Did anyone keep their NEO G7 or G8 monitor?
It seems to be on sale right now with a 900 tag.

Meanwhile LG has a 27 inch 144 Hz OLED but QHD for 1 G.

Means the 32 inch OLED with 4K 138/144 Hz can’t be far behind.

The LG is 240hz, but yeh I'm waiting for a 32" version.

They also announced a 45" ultrawide but the resolution is 1440p which is a bit disappointing. Being an OLED it probably looks fine for gaming but would have to see one in person.