Official: "What did you do to your car today?" Thread

I think we need to back this up a bit.

2021+ Teslas use bluetooth TPMS. As of right now, there is nothing special about that. They work just like any other. It is believed that tire pressure monitoring may come to the Tesla app, but that would be via communication with the car and not with the TPMS sensors directly.

Michelin does offer connected tires, but (and someone correct me if I am wrong) that does not come on the Pilot Sport 4S ( I had these on my Supra). They do have this in the Sport Cup series tires:

Got both my cars cleaned.
Went to Porsche after 2 weeks and…
1) sound was still there
2) they didn’t polish the car
3) didn’t do smart repair properly
4) blamed them for my dead battery
5) tailpipe and gear lever still didn’t arrive

Told them to **** off and eat a full bag of dicks and I am never coming back. They won’t see a cent from me until all these issues are fixed and battery is investigated.

Shouted at everyone around me. They can suck my dick.
That’s awful! Is there another dealership in Dubai that you can go to? Or somewhere else in the UAE?
They have already done parts of the job so I can’t go anywhere now and also installed the new battery. It really sucks. I didn’t want to get angry but couldn’t help myself as I had told them about everything and what to do yet they missed so much of the work that it drove me insane. Also on sound this is 3rd time talking about the same sound.
Btw checked around for the battery in 3 places. Everyone said go to agency. Guess every time this battery is dying I am paying 2 Gs. :nuts:

Let’s hope this time they fix the damn thing properly.
The idiots at Porsche still haven’t fixed the noise. 4th week finished. Went to fix a noise and ended up paying 15 Gs for other fixes whilst the original concern is not handled is just stupid. :nuts:
I had to take my car to the dealer because the headlights (not DRLs) would stay on in broad daylight when set to auto.

Owning these expensive cars works best if you can do things yourself, KAC. Spending tens of thousands at stealerships for investigative maintenance just isn't productive unless you're some multi-millionaire who has F-You money.
Guess we both got lemons. Will put car up for sale if the noise doesn’t go away.

No, this affected more than just my car (hence the bulletin advising how to fix). One issue doesn't make it a lemon.

From Corvette Forums:

ALL C8s built from day 1 in 2020 until the last week of February 2022 had properly functioning sensors with headlights always off in daylight and DRLs on bright in auto mode. '23MY C8s built starting about the last week of May 2022 had the problem corrected in new builds.

About 9K '22 and '23MY cars built between end of Feb 2022 and end of May 2022 have the defect.
Guys it was a joke. I missed the usual :bleh: after my post. :lol:.
Hopefully today I get my car.

And yes still saving up for that Ferrari.
Got the car back. They gave me a 1 G discount so ended up paying 14 Gs in Emirati Dirhams. Got a new battery, smart repair on all car, new tailpipe, broken gear lever fixed and also sound fixed. Went to fix a sound which was supposed to be free of cost.

Great job! :bleh: :lol:

Only took 4 weeks. Now probably I can drive it. Pics in car pics thread.