Official: "What did you do to your car today?" Thread

So got the car back and noticed that they scratched the instrument cluster. No one is taking responsibility of it. I even showed them what the cluster looked like before. Going to talk to supervisor tomorrow. So pissed off right now. :mad:
Made a fuss about it and now they got warranty approved to replace the whole instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. :bleh: :lol:
So left my car in the shop to replace the instrument cluster and guy posted a picture of my bumper being swiped. I nearly lost my shit. Asked them to fix it asap (might do smart repair) but I am not paying for it. Wtf is going on with this car? Porsche Dubai has really lost their shite.
Id be superstitious at this point... or you pissed them off and they want to piss you off in return. Some dealerships dont give a shit. They think they can shit on some customers and still make bank.
Well right now they are just fucking themselves over. I paid 10 K for the warranty (in AED). Since then I have claimed AC repair which would’ve been 20K and this instrument cluster which is 27K plus with labor another 6-8K. Now this smart repair they want to charge me 1K. I refused.

However, this is becoming ridiculous. This car spends more time in the shop than the garage. Instrument cluster was simply their own mistake. Same for this bumper. I might go today to meet the manager.
give you a hint....

apparently while doing the above i must have smashed my dipstick with the upper control arm (or the brake caliper that was on top of said control arm) while moving things out of the way and broke the top bit off... so a trip the the junkyard and a drill/screw later "new" dipstick, plus i figured might as well get a "new" hood release cable since mine has been loose since i bought the car (not the strongest design for the plastic bits that anchor the handle end of the cable to the car

very tight space to try to reach in to push the grommet back through the firewall

and also bought new hood struts since my old ones were the originals and were getting a bit weak... still held the hood up but you definitely had to push it up all the way or they would slowly creep down and drop
Well, it was not today but last week. I quoted the OEM carbon fiber spoiler and carbon fiber mirror covers from Audi Zentrum it was around $4K, so, I was "no way I'm paying that".

Started looking for alternatives locally and couldn't find one, so I decided to try my luck with Aliexpress. Four weeks after I placed the order, my items arrived: 1 carbon fiber spoiler and hydropainted side mirror covers for 20 times less the cost of the OEM :lol:

I really like the look and the quality if quite acceptable all things considered.





last week... found a color matching interior mercury at the junkyard so pulled a steering wheel so i can switch out the grey one i originally put in for the cruise control buttons, swapped out the basic bitch vinyl rear bench for leather with the fold out arm rest, and b pillar panels since mine were loose and had holes cut in them for the prisoner cage

today... headlight relay harness so fewer angry pixies get lost on their way to the bulbs