The future of DCS World by Eagle Dynamics

Can someone update me on the state of DCS at the moment ?
I am playing the open beta, this is an ongoing thing right ?

I would ask on the dcs forums, but am banned for being global elite in CSGO.
Openbeta is where it's at.

KA-50 improvements coming along nicely
The new Ka50 3D cockpit model is already at the texturing stage. Remember, this will be a free enhancement for existing Black Shark owners. In mid 2020 we plan to release a brand new external model along with certain new weapons and avionics systems with even greater cockpit enhancements. The product will also come with new missions, mission functionalities and gameplay. This module will be named Black Shark 3 and will be available at a substantial discount for existing Black Shark 2 owners and at full price for new users. Enjoy the screenshots below.


Good lord that looks realistic.

I played a little on the 104th phoenix server yesterday in the F15. Too bad but it was quite a boring afair.
Is multiplayer dead ?
Good lord that looks realistic.

I played a little on the 104th phoenix server yesterday in the F15. Too bad but it was quite a boring afair.
Is multiplayer dead ?

No not at all, there are quiet periods and other times where it's very frantic, timezones play a big factor.
Got in after a break, all fixed and ready to buy into F-16 EA and PG terrain, to have some fun and support good old ED in their endeavours, only to find out that deferred render is now default. So great, it went from halfway decent perf with AA to abysmal, I need ssaa x2 in DCS to fix shadows and at least msaa x2 enhanced by trssaa x2 on top of that for geometry and trees, hey welcome 15 fps over any serious forest. Well, let's not be an IQ whore then, I dropped to native, 1920x1080 and 4x mssaa, sure it will work this time, not really though, 20 fps over a forest of gpu death.

And for what? You're not really flying through a neon lit streets or sth, a scenario that makes sense for deffered renders which allow multiple light sources at cheap, you have a sun and a couple of irrelevant tiny cockpit lights that you can fake to hell and back and noone will care. So I went to the ED forum and found a semi official answer from a moderator, that it's pretty much required for PBR to work. Brilliant, so I have to live with a shimmery mess just so my models can look more like Ace Combat, that was soo important, not to mention that PBR is rather a time saver in this case than some means to mind blowing visuals.

What's funny about this, the game is actually much more cartoonish now. Personally it doesn't bother me, I have a serious nostalgia for pastel ED games since Flankers and LOMAC but objectively, it's really ****ing saturated, not really what their average customer wants from visuals I imagine.

Anyway, not playing it at 1080p with 2x msaa or some crap fxaa and imo stupid decision and direction. Thanks ED for saving me at least 130$ equivalent (and more as I'd most probably go for F-14, 18, have to rebuy Black Shark etc) and back to BMS 4.34, a superior sim anyway.
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So I blacked out for a sec and bought the PG terrain on the current sale, the excuse being to contribute to all those beautiful trailers if nothing else and check the performance in this magnificient sandy place where trees die like rats they are. What's good is that it is better 90% of the time, the rest is cities like Dubai where it drops to 20 fps a lot again. What's infuriating on the other hand is how I can drop shadows to flat, shadows quality to medium, civilian traffic to off, chimney smoke bs to 0, exchange 2x2 supersampling (DSR from 4k) for x4 msaa and none of it helps but, just turning off x2 msaa makes it ok, rendering at ****ing 4k still. Deffered render my ass, fxaa ruins the HUD and distant plane shimmers more, supersampling alone is not enough for geometry in the cockpit, sparse grid x2 is not enough and x4 is too much because, the irony, the msaa component kills the perf. Is the peasant 30 fps stable at 1080p x4 msaa too much to ask?

Anyway, DSR from 4k +x2 ms + x2 trsaa it is, daytime only, sub 30 fps. Good times.
Right, so the F14 is OP as hell with those aim 54' s.

I understand they want to sell this module but multiplayer is a little broken right now.
Bought Ace Comat 7 for my sons (7 and 9yo), they have a few hours in DCS Flamming Cliffs modules (F15 and SU27 respectively). I really liked their conversations:

- go vertical, go vertical
- not now, are you crazy, I will black out

- look how nimble the F16 here is
- imagine SU 57 then, that will turn like a guy in the shooter

- got hit by a second rocket, still flying straight
- hahahahaha
I need to spend more time with targeting pods... Didn't use them for a bit (Air to Air combat mainly) and when I came back... I'm terrible at them!
I've heard good things about nylogel and the t1600.
I just replaced the sensors in my CH fighterstick with contactless half sensors, and a new 14bit mainboard. Soooo much better than the 8 bit resolution it had before!

Also picked up the Super Carrier. I spend enough time in the Hornet that I think it's worth it. :)
I wanted to do the pre-order, but I'll wait til it comes out.

After all these years, I have finally got everything I need and been dedicating time to this sim.

I love the F-18, and the free weekend for the F-14 was intense.

I cannot wait for the F-4 and A-6 platforms when they come for DCS in the next couple of years.
Can someone well familiar with DCS explain the difference between the Steam and stand-alone versions?