Official Navi2x/6x00 series thread

DXR on AMD Radeon hardware is not software accelerated like it is on pre-RTX GeForce hardware. AMD just accelerates it differently than nVidia does. Something like Bill's Radeon 6900XT has 80 RT cores. 1 RT core per CU. Where as my 6600XT has half that at 40. So on AMD hardware the RT acceleration is a dedicated part of the CU cores.

DXR is the standard for RayTracing under DX. It can be "software" accelerated through shaders. This is how nVidia does it on pre-RTX hardware. AMD never enabled that feature on older hardware and it's hardware accelerated on the newer RDNA2 hardware.

DX11 :nuts:

and no RT ???
and still

As for 4K/Ultra, there wasn’t any GPU that could run it with constant 60fps.

if must need a patch
DirectX 12 was announced by Microsoft at GDC on March 20, 2014, and was officially launched alongside Windows 10 on July 29, 2015.

Similarly, according to Microsoft insider, the release of DirectX 13 can be expected by the end of 2022 after the launch of Windows 11.Dec 7, 2021

why would anyone still use dx11
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It just means AMD will have to resolve the performance with a driver update. Given it's a nVidia sponsored title, they got early access and could ensure the performance.

Another solution is to just simply not set everything on ultra.

And most of the guides and videos I have watched so far don't recommend ultra on everything anyway.
I mean Bill didn't spend a fortune to turn down settings, right? ;)
since he didn't spend anything on this game it doesn't matter :p


Still, the game suffers from some issues. For instance, there isn’t any FOV slider and the game lacks a fullscreen mode. Additionally, the game suffers on AMD’s hardware due to the DirectX 11 API. Make no mistake, AMD is to be blamed for this. However, things would have been way better if Jetpack used DX12 or Vulkan.

if i remember right AMD cards like fullscreen mode only in DX11
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It's not AMD's fault on this one, DSO is off their rocker there imho. Studio could have worked with AMD to prevent these performance issues. However the game is nVidia sponsored, so that wasn't going to happen. So AMD now has to respond after the fact and see what they can do.

However imho while the performance on AMD is certainly off... it still performs fine. Even a 6600 non-XT can mange the game at 4k with reasonably good looking settings. So nothing to be really concerned about.

I don't think they were that blindsided if you consider that they had God of War in their FSR promo video that came out late December.
No, it was god of war, have y'all forgotten about the whole 6800xt at 57 fps at 4k pre-release performance worries?
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