The Official Navi21 (RX 6000) rumor thread.

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100w less? Isn't it a lot less than that?

I was basing it off the TPU power consumption graphs and just rounded up out of math laziness. Looks like 93w less on average, so a little less than 100w, but that's still a pretty insane difference in power draw.

Other places may measure differently--it probably varies from game to game--but Navi 2X is clearly highly efficient. I wonder if this will get them back into laptops.

the 6900 xt with 80 CU's & 80 Ray Accelerators at 999

is going to kill the 3080 .
Being the new performance king of GPUs, I can't wait to get my hands on a 6900 XT AiB partner board w/ a beefy cooler or full water block. It's currently the only card on my radar, and I'm gonna OC the living hell out of it!

If I can't get one by year's end, I can easily wait until 1st quarter 2021. One thing is for certain, I will not be taken at scalper prices. It's never that serious. The games aren't going anywhere, especially over the course of a few weeks.

I'm truly hoping that 6800 XTs will be more readily available throughout December, in turn, offsetting the demand for the 6900 XT. Wishful thinking, anyway.

On another note, I'm so tempted to pick up a Ryzen 5000 series CPU to go along with it. The fastest processors on the market in single/dual threaded applications would go a long way. Besides, SAM is an attractive feature, and I'd like to test it out for myself. Only thing is, it seems I'd have no choice but to purchase the 5950X in order to see any significant performance increase as my 3950X is already pretty powerful.

First order of business is the 6900 XT, though.

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There was a launch?:lol: ;)
There was a "launch" today.
I need a video card. Anybody know when Nvidia and AMD are releasing their new cards?:bleh:
Sometime next year.

AIB hits next week from what I understand, but I imagine it'll not end up being any different from today really. Way too many looking to buy, not even close to enough units available, and sold out in less than 2 minutes again with most people not able to even add to cart.

Definitely not getting my hopes up. And where the F is the 3080 at this point, I thought Nvidia was supposed to have sorted that situation at least somewhat by now? People still fighting to get those when they drop.
Garbage release was very garbage.
You can easily snatch a 3080 these days. Tons of cards available at least locally here.
Did anyone buy theirs?
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Tons of 3080s available yah right. I tried getting a gigabyte 3080 today off amazon. Couldn't add to cart gone in seconds. Lol
AMD allocated 7 times more gpus to aibs than it did for the reference so should be better availability next week. Its the reverse of what Nvidia did releasing most of theirs on reference so far.
AMD allocated 7 times more gpus to aibs than it did for the reference so should be better availability next week. Its the reverse of what Nvidia did releasing most of theirs on reference so far.

Nvidia Founders seem to be held in high regard (don't fully understand it myself but w/e), whereas I don't think AMD reference have ever been viewed favorably, so I am glad they allowed more to go to AIBs.

Hopefully next week we see a decent release...
Get me an Asus TUF 3080 at cost gai :3
Asus deprioritized TUF production. You can possibly get a TUF OC or other models. At this point anything available should be great. My point was that if you were looking hard for a card you should have had one by now. If I can score 3 sitting here 1000s of miles away and 1 of them was only 3 weeks after release then I am sure gays in USA can as well. At least locally even scalpers have come down to 1000 bucks and you can get pretty much all models here locally at that price. Dubai anyways would’ve added 150 extra to the card which is local profit and taxes.

This Radeon card is not even arriving in Dubai until end of December or next year.
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6800 beats the 3090 in Ass Creed Valhalla at 1440p...:lol:

It’s a beast of a card. Out doing the 3070 100% of the time and even beating the 3080 in some cases.

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