That daily game progress thread...

And finally hit point of no return in FF7 Rebirth after over 70 hours. Still level 48. I am wondering if I should go back and do some of the sides and also complete the only region left which has like 7 intel pieces left including my last protorelic. I really went all in this game. At the end of the day it goes to show that if combat is really good then you can have a great time even if the other parts of the game are not as refined. Something Ass Creed did well in Origins and Odyssey but somehow lost its way in Valhalla.

Similarly, Horizon games also share the similarity in that the combat is super satisfying which holds the game up for hours on end with continuous enhancements to the formula, ability to try different things, and great characters. You forget that you are running around just doing similar activities over and over because everytime a conflict arises, game feels fresh.
Finished FF7 Rebirth after 85 hours. Dope af / 10.

Now trying my hand at Crisis Core FF7 on PS5. Downloading Quarry on XSX. Also continue to play COD MW3 MP on this spanking OLED. Forbidden West also here and there.
Also got some 20 games downloaded on PC on GP but none of them really interest me at this time.

Any better ideas for games on this weekend? This start of the year has been lackluster to say the least.