That daily game progress thread...

Logging my lists before website goes to shit:
Dec - Avatar, COD MW2 MP SP 6, Forza Motorsport
Jan thus far - MK1, Starfield, Immortals of Aveum

Also boning Saints Row this month and trying to finish COD MW3 MP SP 1
After a bit of a break, I finally got back to playing some of the classic shooters I was going through. I beat Hexen.

I played it on gzDoom, so that kind of makes it a bit easier since you can remap the controls. And with a high-res texture pack the graphics look decent. This one is a Doom engine FPS. The difference is there are 3 classes (fighter, cleric, mage). Each class has slightly different attack/defence stats. And instead of having the usual 9 weapons that Doom games have, this one has each class with four weapons. The game is the same for each character, so you can basically play through it three different times with a different weapon set. This also added consumable items.

The cleric ends up being the best character. His starting weapon is pathetic, but after that, he's dominant. His 4th weapon is ridiculous. Probably the most powerful weapon I've ever used in an FPS. It shoots out these wraiths that just fly around destroying all the enemies. The fighter mostly has melee weapons, which can make things a bit difficult. He doesn't get range until his 3rd weapon. The mage's weapons mostly suck.

I remember playing this game as a kid. I remember I could not beat it. At some point I just couldn't figure out where to go, and at that time there weren't internet guides or anything. I just wandered around until I gave up.

You know that meme that shows an old-school Doom map, and then beside it shows a modern shooter map that's just a straight line with a cutscene halfway through. Holy hell Hexen takes things to another level on old-school maps. Giving up when I was a kid was totally justified. I wouldn't have been able to beat this game without following a guide. It's not that it's difficult. The consumables give you plenty of chances to survive. But the maps in this game are crazy.

Instead of the usual start in one room, find exit to end level of Doom games, Hexen has hubs. You find portals to travel to other areas and have to backtrack as you open more doors and find more keys. But the level designers were not afraid to put progress-dependent switches on the corner of a barely visible wall, or behind a secret door. Often a switch will open up a door in one of the other areas of the hub, so you have no clue what the button you pressed just did. And sometimes the door is in some obscure spot that you are likely to just walk past without noticing. Not knowing where to go next is a major issue in this game.

Now onto the expansion pack.
Saints Row. 5/10.

It was hilariously bad but I like shooting and the game did shooting right. I didn’t do literally any sides. Maybe tried a few side activities. My objective was to finish it asap which is what I did. There is quite a few side content to go through and I might if I get some time. But knowing me I highly doubt this will come to pass.

Not sure what happened with this game but there was something good here but they made it like a goat simulator for 3rd person open world games. Some people will enjoy that shit. I do too at times and for free was worth a romp.​
Finished COD MW3 MP Season Pass 1. I thought it was well done and the new guns are very nice. Also unlocked the hard to unlock LMG. Fruitful 2XP events as well. Solid 9/10 from me as I spent a ton of time on this and am about level 178 or something.
Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol

A Steam re-release of the old SNES games. I remember a friend had Zombies Ate My Neighbors on the SNES when I was a kid, and I liked it back then. The game is a top down shooter. There are a bunch of enemies from different classic horror movies. And you have to run around each level, which are sort of maze like and rescue different 'neighbors' that are standing around. The enemies can attack you or the neighbors. You have a lifebar and can take a few hits. Neighbors die instantly when hit. You start at 10 neighbors total. If you lose a neighbor, your total drops and is carried over to each level. You can only advance levels when you rescule all the surviving neighbors. So you could technically let all but one neighbor die, and then just keep rescuing 1 neighbor to advance. But if all neighbors die, it is game over.

It's still a fun game. But the controls are pretty horrible. You have about 10 different weapon types you can collect (with limited ammo). Different ammo is more useful against different enemy types. But you have to cycle through them with one button. You can't even use the shoulder buttons to go forward and back. So changing weapons in response to seeing an enemy isn't easy, you pump the button until you find the right one, and if you go past it, you have to go through the entire cycle again. There isn't a huge field of view, so enemies are usually on you fast. You can easily miss your shots if you aren't perfectly in line with the enemies, and the controls are clunky enough that it can be easy to be out of alignment.

And this game is hard. I didn't beat it as a kid. In this version you get one save state as it is an emulated game. So with save-scumming, I got through it. You can search various cupboards and chests throughout the game to get items, but it is entirely random what you get. And if you don't get good items you can be screwed or even not be able to complete a level. The boss fights are brutal, unless you get the potion that turns you into an invincible werewolf. There's an achievement for keeping all the neighbors alive, which seems impossible without save-scumming. Enemies go right after the neighbors, often before you have a chance to see anything. And some levels have neighbors turn into enemies after a few seconds, so if you don't know that in advance (using a walkthough) then you have no chance.

Ghoul Patrol is the sequel that I didn't play on the SNES. Similar game. But the controls feel a bit more slippery. Overall, an easier and shorter game. Similar gameplay, but longer levels. They added a jump and slide option (which didn't properly map to a controller on Proton). The really annoying thing about this game, was that most enemies seem to respwan instantly. So you kill an enemy and it shows up again in the exact same spot. So you basically just have to kill it and run past it as fast as you can. It seemed like it was a bug. A worse game than Zombies Ate My Neighbors.
Need to make a post before this thing dies.

Ghostwire Tokyo
Trepang 2

Making it 7 games in Jan.

Like dope.

Currently pumping Midnight Suns. Dope af game.
Been trying those kingdom tower defense games. Playing the co-op one, and wow, there is no info at all, it just gives you two quick do this thing here tips and then there is no info at all for the rest of the game. Its an interesting approuch. i like it, but i would really love to know some things as well, about some of the buildings and stuff.
Currently playing:

Unreal 2: the Awakening
Age of Mythology: Extended Edition

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Company of Heroes 2
Rocket League

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
Remember Me
Outcast: A New Beginning
Working on finishing horizon zero dawn at last mission but decided to do frozen wilds before final mission
Finished Tomb Raider 2, I had forgotten just how much shootbang there was in this one, it's crazy how much pew pew a game where the pew pew sucks ass has.

not as good as tomb raider 1/10
Site is back woo

played outlast trials, didn't like it
banishers ghosts of new eden was good
Pacific Drive was very good also