That daily game progress thread...

Finished Tomb Raider 3.

It's a game that is both pretty good and one of the most frustrating things I've ever played.

This game must have been a nightmare to play on the ps1 with its limited saves per level as it is full of bullshit traps and switches that unlocks the most random doors/hatches.

Some parts of TR3 feels like it is an expansion pack that is made by super fans that felt that the original games were too easy.
Been playing Last Epoch. Like a lazy-man's Path of Exile. Enjoyable though. Haven't really grasped the concept of the end game here though.
Finished Outcast A New Beginning. It got better, mainly thanks to movement ability upgrades. Not a great game but certainly not horrible. Probably shouldn't be full price though - $30 usd would have been a good spot
Burned through "The Quarry" on Sunday. Played with two friends, we got through it in one 10 hour session lol. Story is well done and the character development is amazing. It's currently on sale on the steam sale. If you're a fan of chose your own adventure games, I highly recommend it.
The Room Two was good puzzle fun. Tiny bit shorter than the first but I think that's more because I was more experienced after the first and could find items quicker. Probably better than the first due to variety.
Still pumping FF7 Rebirth. About to finish Chapter 9 but decided to go back and do some sides. This game is huge.
SteamWorld Dig 2. Not bad? 7/10 ish. Finished it after 5 hrs but I didn't really get into it, found parts of it kind of annoying (e.g light running out, some enemies, trips back to town). It never felt like I was mining heaps, even with the jackhammer. Money hard to come by so it was just drip feeding the player. By the end I was just trying to get it done because it felt quite repetitive without enough reward. Not sure why they don't give you stuff that absolutely tears through the ground, give me a nukes or something. Steam users have it as one of the highest rated games on my list and I don't really see it.
Finished the campaign in Trepang 2, I still have some side missions left but I'm not sure that I will bother to finish them.

Trepang 2 is not a bad game, fun can certainly be had in it, but I'm not really a fan of how the "correct" way to play this is sliding all over the place, I wish it would play more like fear.

Changed my mind, finished the side missions too, time to uninslide trepang 2.
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I don’t know, it’s just too much. I am still on chapter 12 and accidentally romanced Aerith more than Tifa so trying to do side quests so I can romance Tifa. Just too much time spent running around and crap.
open roads, free on lame pass, was passable walking sim. Don't think anybody should pay more than $5 for it though.
I finished El Paso, elsewhere, it's a game that should have been 4-6 hours long with 20-30 levels, unfortunately it is 6-8 hours long with 50 levels/chapters.

It does some really neat things, but it really outstays it's welcome.

Finished episode 1 in boltgun, I hope they mix things up, because the current gameplay loop is not good enough to carry the game for 16 more levels.