That daily game progress thread...

Finished Baldur's Gate 3. I'm only dissapointed that so many potential things hinted at through the game wrapped up with a "to be continued" vibe. I really wanted to see how the Gale thing ended up going.
Played some of that Assassin's Creed VR on the metazuck quest.

It's pretty neat, I really wish it was on pc/ps5 VR instead though, as cool as the quest can be, it is only capable of displaying almost ps3/xbox 360-like graphics, so an increase in visual fidelity would be nice.
COD MWIII SP was pretty bleh, despite a few alright open-combat missions 5/10
Zombies is pretty good fun 7.5/10
Mp is best of the package probably. MW2 maps are just great due to variety and structure. Carries over from MWII so the foundation is solid 8/10
I really dont understand everyones obsession with playing every single cod game. Its even more stupid than the other yearly titles. I just dont get it.
There aren't too many online shooters popular in my region. If I go in BF games servers are empty and it never fills up during weekdays and rarely during weekends. COD is the only online shooter that is available. Moving from one COD to another - the player base typically shifts as well (unless I want to play shipment only in COD MW2 then players are there all the time). So for me there is no option but to rely on COD games for my online shooter fill. I get the money's worth more than other games I play.
I've finished the RDR2 main campaign, finished the Epilogues, ran around the RDR1 part of the map for a bit, and I might check out the RDR Online missions. But mostly, this game is done. I still wonder why Rockstar felt it necessary to tack on such a lengthy epilogue, when in terms of gameplay it offers almost nothing and in terms of story it barely does anything that wasn't already established in RDR1's start (Marston family live on a ranch with Uncle).

In celebration of Half-Life turning 25, I ran through Half-Life: Uplink last night. Might go for the full game as well.

One of my "fears" has come true: a friend of mine is considering getting into Valheim again for a bit. If I'm not careful, that's another two hundred years of my life gone this winter. :p
Extremely poor writing with over the top stupidity and over explained nonsense. Box opening simulator. Absolute dog poop gameplay. Poor inventory management. Unlikeable characters. Cheap screen flashes for scares that became annoying fast. No fast travel. Idiotic puzzles.

Only thing good was half decent graphics and the meta storyline elements. I also liked the ending. But such a chore to play in general. Not for me.
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Finished Robocop, it was pretty neat, the final boss was just dumb though, the level where you dealt with the "new guy" should have been the final one.

Anyway, a solid 7/10, it almost had as much story related system errors as this forum too!

RIP Rage3d.
Pumped Season 6 of COD MW2 MP including black cell.
Also pumping Avatar Boners in Pandora. One of the biggest surprise games of 2023 for me.
Not sure if I played much else this month - 3 weeks vacation so will finish up Avatar and may get back to Starfield, Forza and may also buy some new games off sales.
Finished Blasphemous

Another pixel art metroidvania for me. I liked this one and will eventually play the sequel. The combat was fun and the challenge was reasonable. Suffered a bit from having too many spell abilities, with only about 3 being worth using.

Not great for gaming while listening to podcasts because there is a lot of dialogue. Even with all that I don't think I really followed the story. And there was a lot of text for every item you get. The big problem is that the dialogue and text is really overwrought.

Early on the game has three paths you can take and no real indication of which one is the better option. My first playthough, I think I took the worst option and it seemed really hard with little reward compared to the other path. Some of the secrets are a little obtuse to figure out.

And the game makes the error of locking out particular items, endings and achievements if you don't do things in the proper sequence. So if you want to do everything in as few playthroughs as possible, you might want to consult a guide. The game autosaves, so there's no going back without starting over.

There's a boss rush mode, which was fun, but there are way too many challenges that make you fight the same bosses over and over again. But I enjoyed it enough that I beat them all.

It is a game inspired by the early Zelda games. Sort of SNES era graphics. More focused on small puzzles than fighting. It's fairly short (about 3-6 hours). Kind of goofy. I think I got it for like a dollar.