Rage3D v5.0 - what do you want to see?

How long did it take for Duke Nuken Forever to come out? Yeah, lets beat that with 5.0, as in take longer :lol:
We've been teasing this update for awhile now, and we're nearly there. Rage3D v5.0 is a ground up new site based on vBulletin 5, utilizing Wordpress for the front end (CMS). It looks like we'll launch the front end first (front page etc), with the new forums launching soon thereafter.

Since the info is widely available online, I won't bore you with a full tutorial on what vB5 + wordpress has to offer. What I will say is that this finally allows us to get past the "legacy bits" that, while often fun and unique, have been a constant challenge in regard to keeping the site secure and upgradeable. It will be much easier to manage, and offers the flexibility to introduce new functions toward enhancing the community.

The new site will launch with a single template, but we'll have the flexibility to easily introduce / reintroduce new themes. So while I for one will miss my favorite midnight theme, I expect we'll be able to move forward with additional themes in relatively short order.

I thought it would be interesting to hear feedback / suggestions moving forward. What would you like to see in the new site? What do you like / don't you like about other vB5 based sites? Would you like to see forum structural changes etc? If so, what? How about subscription perks? Those are just a few ideas of things to discuss. Whatever the case, just please keep it civil and constructive. Your thoughts will certainly be taken into consideration as we go through the decision-making process of what Rage3D will look like moving forward.

This post was made DECEMBER 18, 2013!!! so we must be close now. Am I right?
3-5 year estimation mistakes is common in the field of IT. Come back and bitch about it in 2018.
This post was made DECEMBER 18, 2013!!! so we must be close now. Am I right?

So how are things coming along with the new site? I am looking forward to seeing what new features are in store. :)