Rage3D v5.0 - what do you want to see?

It would be great (especially for P&R) if links to certain websites could be automatically banned the way that profane words are banned....posted links then show up as http://www.*********.com or something.

Posting this here instead of in P&R feedback b/c it might be useful elsewhere, but P&R made me think of it b/c people will post "news" articles as authority for whatever it is they are claiming when the link is nothing more than some overly biased propaganda site. It doesn't happen here that much, but when/if the AMD vs. Intel/Nvidia wars ever heat back up, the internet will again be full of people always linking fanboi sites as "news".
Is this still happening? One I thing I would like to see is a dynamic style theme.
We all set the time zone in our profiles why can't the website use it to adjust the style. So it uses a darker style at night.
Rage3D v5.0


Thought this post worthy of a bump.

Although I really am posting here b/c I want to see a better "ignore" function, where you can select "ignore" from a pull down menu on the user's name on any post (it has "add to buddy list") and where the ignore function totally eliminates any reference to a post the user makes (instead of a small message saying it's hidden) and removal of any material by that user if someone else quotes the person you have on ignore.

Sort of like a "REALLY ignore this person" button.
Right because the current ignore function had you going "I'm clicking because curious"
Rage3D don’t need to upgrade. Already forums dying left and right. Just needs to put a banner to say we got manches. Come on over.
I'd love to see an unmoderated P&R forum. What could possibly go wrong?

It would have been faster to make a new forum and manually edit people's post counts, and start fresh. :bleh: