My truck is changing

By the time you are done probably the steering wheel would be the only stock item left?

Btw your shots are so confusing. I can’t make heads and tails of what you are working on and where it goes. That might just be me though as work on car for me is go to dealer. Drop car. Pick it up. Charge card exorbitant amounts of money. :bleh:
I can't leave the steering wheel stock lol.

It's a project / learning vehicle all the way now, but think essentially wheel wells, corners of the bed, and the rocker panels are what runs from rear fender to the front fender directly below the doors.

If a pic doesn't show rust/rot, it's been replaced.
I have to go attend to broken ribs right now. Mine :(

Man, Lazy, what are you doing? You're an old fart now, you'll have to slow down a bit. So sorry to hear that, hope you're healing up fast. Broken ribs are a royal pita.

:lol: Love the card lol. Thanks my friend. Feeling good this morning aside from the expected zings when I move, so yeah, slowing down for a day or two. :)
Feel better buddy. Beautiful job thus far, that rocker panel fits beautifully!
Thanks Nunz :)

That panel was such a pleasant surprise. It’s that part of the job that welders at body shops said no to, and I don’t blame them…so this is a huge relief.
Last update for a while:

I had to get that busted leaf spring taken care of. It's not happening in the driveway. If I screw up or can't remove the old one part way through it's a world of hurt. I could have gotten a flatbed, but I didn't.

Wheel off, view of the busted leaf. It was about .75" away from the tire.


After some choice words, heat and a cutter, it's out of the way.


So it's sanded where needed, primed, sealed and a coat of protective paint where required.


All that's left is to herculiner the lower 12" all the way around, fix some bubbles elsewhere on the body and fabricate the inner rocker panel and get that installed.

That's happening another day. Stupid old men shouldn't lift 31" tires with cracked ribs.Really pissed at myself right now, but I needed to get the work done.

I'll get it to the shop for the leaf springs and inspection over the next couple of weeks. Really appreciate all the kind replies from you gents :heart:
You've done some great work on that rust trap Lazy but give yourself time to heal. That leaf spring.... OMG.
You've done some great work on that rust trap Lazy but give yourself time to heal. That leaf spring.... OMG.

I SO hate leaf springs now :lol: Thanks buddy - I'm taking another week off.

edit: Thanks Nunz :)
I'd just look to see if you can buy both leaf assemblies, shouldn't be too difficult to swap.

I did, they're not too pricey at all. I just have no room to break the old ones free. I'm nervous about using a cutting wheel on the bolts when I'm at an awkward angle.I even though about cutting them off at the shackles, but if I can't get those upper bolts out I have a mess on my hands.

I've never done them before, so worst case scenario keeps going through my mind.