My truck is changing

Thanks :)

We have some rain moving in tomorrow, so I hit the panels with some primer just to make sure everything was protected...I might just leave it with that Mad Max look :lol:

Besides, ugly vehicles around here don't get stolen, so I ought to be safer than most. :p
You're doing great work man, why would it not work?

Just a lack of confidence on my part. Everything here is literally new territory for me or haven't done for decades lol. Now I'm remembering why :)
Are the frame rails solid?

Rock solid. My buddy owns the shop that'll be doing the inspection, and he's commented before that this truck doesn't make sense. The body looks as if it spent a year in the Atlantic, but the frame and most of the undercarriage is fairly clean and solid.
No weapons for me KAC. But now that I’m comfortable cutting it up, there’s no telling what I might build into the old junker lol.
My tribeca is creaking now worse than the bed KAC's maids are forced to sleep on.

Need to bring it in to make sure safe to drive until I win the lottery.
Got to work on the driver side rocker panel this afternoon. It is, or was...a rusted, rotted nightmare. Not much to work with.


I cut away what I could, but had to leave enough to attach the new panel to, and I had to slightly modify the ends of the new rocker panel.


Lucky for me, the attach points under the weather strip are solid, as is the metal about 2" down from the point, and under the ends.

So, without a bunch of boring photos, primed/coated the inside of the panel, hit everything in the original area with rust converter and primer, worked the new panel into place and got a perfect fit.


And the new panel is in place. Left to do is glass/sand/prime/rhino line, and then use the heavy gauge metal I bought to reconstruct the inner panel.

I'll post better pics afterwards. I have to go attend to broken ribs right now. Mine :(
:eek: what happened?!?

Some packages got delivered, and my dog decided he wanted to get tangled in my legs going up the stairs.

It's not that bad. The lights stopped flashing after a couple of minutes and I was able to get up a few minutes later ...

Bad bad dog :lol:

It's going to slow my work on the truck though...