All Folders! Please Check In!!!

I just ordered a laptop with the following specs:

ThinkPad T61 15 Widescreen

Intel Core 2 Duo processor T9300 (2.5GHz 800MHz 6MBL2)1
Genuine Windows Vista Home
NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M 256MB
4 GB PC2-5300 DDR2 (2 DIMM)
160GB Hard Disk Drive, 7200rpm4

I should receive it in 2 to 3 weeks. I'll finally be able to pass the 1000ppd barrier!
Well, I've started folding again now that I have a 3870, although not 24/7. My X2 wasn't really capable of completing SMP units in time because I spend of lot of time encoding videos, playing games, etc. The GPU units go so fast that it's easy to meet the deadlines

I'm getting higher PPD with the GPU folding anyway :) I got 1,348pts yesterday, and that was only about 20hrs of folding (at 80% GPU usage since my CPU can't feed it completely). Anyway, it's good to be back :)
Hi all, I am back for a bit... until one of the (nazi?) mods boot me again.

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A: Because the grass is tickling their privates.
little update:

I got my 3850 up and running.

So my 24/7 setup is now:
1 GPU2 client on a HD3850
1 CPU client
1 PS3 client

weekend folder:
1 CPU client on my laptop folds on free electricity from work

I should be in the top 100 sometime in July :)
Got a 9800GX2 on folding at the moment, both cores fully dedicated to folding.

I'd use the GTX280 as well, but that aint working for some reason :bleh:

So 2 G92's and 1 PS3 are currently folding. :bleh:

Looks like GPU2 Folding has finally allowed something to trump SMP Folding, which is great news in the bang/buck arena. Options are good! :up:
Im folding.
I THINK that i joined the right team.. "57391"
My folding name is ShambleS. And i have 2 more pc's to start foling on.

Im not using my gpu for folding yet. But i really should have a nother 3870 returning from RMA some time soon i can fold with, I wil probably need some help seting it up to run on the GPU when that arrives tough.

Id realy like confermation that I have Joined the correct team " 57391 " before i start folding on the other computers as well.


I am now folding on team 64 wit 2 pc's. :)
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we are team 64 :p

:) thats been pointed out now, and i have fixed it.
(q6600 folding, 3870 folding, and a p4 3.2 folding all on team 64)

But what is it doing to me lol???
I used gpu2 and was 72% done on the 1st Work unit.
Then i used FAHmon to monitor.
had a hard time finding the real core but finally did.
Then it said core thingy 11 has encountered a error and had to close.

then when i reopened The dumb thing. i had to start a whole new work unit.

It is also being dumb.
At 100% cpu load a work unit on my cpu will take 1 day 17 hours. And the final dead line is 1 day 5 hours.
Does it really expect me to finish that?

Is there any way to make it send me work units i can actually finish b4 The deadline?
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Ok, due to my migration to my new Sapphire Crossfire board... I had to stop for about 2 weeks... well.. since everything is back up and running good... I will bring my X2 back up.
Just swapped the x1900GT in my Pentium D system at work to a eVGA Geforce 8800GT superclocked. I'm now getting 3-4k PPD running 24/7.

I also upgraded the Mac Mini and the Athlon XP desktops to 6.20.

Finally, I have the Phenom running with 2x GPU 6.20 on my Radeon 4850s as well as 2x CPUs while I'm home working or not gaming.
Right now the 8800GT in that Pentium D is more productive than both of my 4850s + 2x CPUs all together. Can't wait for FAH to actually utilize those cards better.
Hi, I started folding since my pc is almost always on. Putting both my cpu and gpu to service and my gpu seem to kick my cpu ass! Same folding name as my forum name.