What's the last movie you saw?

Godzilla Minus One - 8/10 Finally streaming on Netflix so I got to watch it! I think they nailed the special effects where Godzilla still feels like a man in a suit and the landscape destruction still matches the feel of the effects of the OG movies without being too modern looking. The slowness of the movie matches films back in the OG days and heh even the plot contrivances to move things along felt so much of the era. The theme of the movie also fits perfectly with the themes of most post war Japanese movies as well.
Godzilla Minus One. 3/10. A mess with poor graphics, overacting/terrible acting, bad pacing and predictable storyline.
Fall Guy. 5/10. Had some good moments but generally OK. Didn't understand the appeal.
Hitman. 5/10. Starts off strong but converts into a love story nonsense and ending was terrible / untrue.

Also watched a bunch of movies but I don't remember anymore.
What You Wish For

A solid thriller. Mostly unknown cast, limited budget, but they did a good job. Starts out a little bit slow. Not an amazing movie, but pretty good for a movie that most people will have never heard of.
Again with the "not a movie, but a play." Went to see my daughter's favorite play last friday (a family friend had one of the roles.)

Ride the Cyclone. It's a good one. Bunch of high school kids die in a freak roller-coaster accident. In the limbo/afterlife they're given a chance to compete for a chance for one of them to return back to life.

The Divergent Serious - Insurgent 6.5/10 - I remember watching the first one and didn't think much of it other than a summer action flick. Seeing how the first was recently added to Netflix I checked to see if the others were already there and they are! Was bored this evening so caught up on this one and just like the first one was summer action flick again.
The Last Stop in Yuma County

Decent movie. Straightforward, sort of predictable. A crime-comedy set in one location. It's got a bit of humour, but it's not hilarious or anything. I feel like something like this has been done before, but I can't put my finger on what movie it was. I liked it.

Monkey Man

It was okay. I think the first half was better than the second. It drags a bit in the middle. The fight scenes were pretty good. It relies too much on flashbacks. The flashbacks were fine when they filled out the plot and backstory, but there were too many of the main character just thinking about his mom.


It's told around tennis, but it's not a sports movie. I'm not sure I'd really call it a romance movie either. It's more about a twisted relationship between the three characters. The plot moves by jumping from the present to various points in the past. So it's not told in a straightforward way at all. You don't have a full idea about the present, and you don't really have the full background either. I guess it was pretty good. Far from amazing, but at over 2 hours, I wasn't really looking at the clock.
The Divergent Serious - Allegiant 6.5/10 - Like the first two, summer action flick. Needed something to take my mind off things and I guess it helped some?
Just got a copy of The Matrix, the 4k HDR remaster and it looks drastically different. Apparently the colour grading in this version is accurate to the theatrical release. The DVD/Blue Ray version is basically green in every 'Matrix' scene which was never the intention. This new version the Matrix is noticeably green, but flesh tones look normal and out-door scenes look more natural.

I've seen the home release so many times that I thought it was normal. This new version looks incredible.
  • Monkey Man: 5/10. Something about the pacing of this movie just didn't jive with me.
  • Poor Things: 4/10. I liked the set design, which reminded me of Bioshock. Wish the entire story was based on Bioshock instead of whatever this was.
  • Furiosa: 7/10. It's a dumb action flick, but it is what it is.