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Helldivers 2 might be a bad example, not sure it even has FSR 1 and likely won't get any upscalers at all. As the developer has said outright that they think the game doesn't need it.

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You can see the list of FSR 2/3 games in the below URL. Little over 40+ listed for FSR 3.

But games still releasing with 2.x can make sense. Games can have long development cycles and priorities might not favour improving or updating whatever up-scaling they selected.
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I guess the possibility of Helldivers 2 using FSR 1 for its scaling feature was speculation—just something I had read a few places. And yeah, it's not the most demanding game out there so scaling is less impactful there than it is in other titles.

I imagine it will catch up eventually, but the adoption rate of newer versions of FSR is still disappointing (roughly half of the games listed for FSR3 on that page have either yet to be released or haven't been updated with it yet). Granted, it's not has if most older DLSS titles have been updated to DLSS 3+ either (not counting unofficial support), so the problem isn't exclusive to FSR. While I can understand the business reasons for it, as an end-user it can still be irksome to not be able to take advantage of improvements made to image quality and/or performance in newer iterations of FSR—especially knowing that these days developers are specifically designing titles with upscaling in mind.
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There are tools, & mods, out there that can wrap upscaling standards from one to another and improve aspects of the image quality. So if 3.1 really does offer the jump shown... there is a strong chance those tools will let you improve image quality by wrapping FSR 2.x to 3.1.

Sadly most of those tools are either payware, or not free yet. Like those from PureDark and LukeFZ.

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Worth noting the LukeFZ has said he wants to make his tool free once it's complete. Right now it's pay access for the betas. Plus all of this is open source, so it's very possible for others to code methods... or if AMD wanted to pull a sweet move... building in a driver function to wrap FSR 2.x to newer versions would be cool...
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Here is the full patch breakdown:
    • General performance optimizations and improvements
    • FSR3 support added
    • Enable toggle on/off on speed walk
    • Fixed crash on save load


Lords of the Fallen: VERSION 1.5 - 'Master of Fate' said:
Patch v1.5.17 - Additional Updates

  • Players can now make use of AMD's latest FSR version.
Ghost of Tsushima comes rocketing in with a custom FSR 3 implementation to decouple FSR 3 Frame Generation ahead of it becoming offical with FSR 3.1. Allowing use of the feature with whatever you want

There is some discussion however of it currently causing crashing... but mad props to the team at Nixxes for some talented work on just doing it themselves. We all look forward to them patching out the issues 👍
I've got the game installed and all set up. Just haven't had time to start it yet today. Was cool to see FSR3 options in there.
How to enable FSR 2.x in Assassin's Creed Valhalla
By Trunks0 -
(version 1.0 - Release)
(version 1.0.1 - Corrected location info in step 3)

What you need
DLSS2FSR by Potato of Doom (AKA CyberFSR2)
DLSS .dll. As AC:Valhalla doesn't have one.
(Mostly because they have not officially enabled or released the feature yet. Hence why DLSS is in the games menu, but can't be enabled... keep reading we get around that)

(I used DLSS 2.5.1. We are converting to FSR 2.x here, so DLSS version is not as important, so long as it works)

What to do
1) Place your files. Put the DLSS2FSR2 files and your DLSS.dll into your AC: Valhalla install directory (ie where ACValhalla.exe is located).
  • nvngx.dll
  • nvngx.ini
  • EnableSignatureOverride.reg
  • nvngx_dlss.dll
2) Run the "EnableSignatureOverride.reg" file
3) Find the AC: Valhalla settings *.ini file
  • Name: ACValhalla.ini
  • Location: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Assassin's Creed Valhalla
4) Edit this file to enable DLSS. Look for UpsampleType and set it 2 like below and save the file
  • UpsampleType=2
This may also work for enabling DLSS in AC Valhalla. Just don't put in the the files for DLSS2FSR. Play around and let me know how it goes for you guys.
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