The FSR Thread (Announcements & Discussion)

Day of the FSR 2.0 updates? :D

Ghostwire:Tokyo updated with FSR 2.0 today as well.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Tsukimi Update 2022 said:

The moon isn’t the only beautiful thing this week: this update includes support for AMD FSR 2.0 on PC, AMD’s temporal upscaling technology that boosts framerates while delivering high-fidelity visuals.
You can enjoy these performance improvements on PC by enabling “AMD FSR 2.0” under Options > Graphics > Upscaling.

This one could be interesting as you will be able to directly compare it with EPIC's TSR upscaler.
FSR 2.1 out

AMD announces an improved version of its temporal upscaling technology.

Earlier this week, Farming Simulator 22 received a 1.7.1 patch that deploys a new version of AMD FSR2. AMD update to FSR increases image quality, but also reduces artifacts such as shimmering and ghosting, the most common issues associated with temporal upscaling techniques.

AMD released a cropped screenshot (and a video) from the game that shows significantly reduced ghosting effect:

The FSR 2.1 update has updated the algorithm, but it shouldn’t be a major change from a developer’s perspective because the FSR 2 API has not changed. Among many small bug fixes, AMD included animated textures, spark, and smoke particles to the sample data. AMD suggests that developers should pay attention to Reactive Mask, to ensure the best quality upscaling is applied.


So DLSS 3 is doing frame interpolation. that's neat. I'm surprised this hasn't been in PC games already, as it's been pretty standard in VR forever. I'm sure DLSS 3 will have great image quality, but it shouldn't be difficult for competitors to do something similar. Hopefully we'll see FSR's answer before too long?

imo, the ultimate would be to ALWAYS create a synthetic frame and have it ready to deliver, in case the upcoming frame misses it's window. That way you can run max quality most of the time, but ensure perfectly smooth frame-pacing too.
Like FSR 3.0? You heard it first hear on Rage3D

Well yeah. AMD's "fast-follow" strategy here should be pretty obvious: Have FSR 3 include a frame-interpolation feature, make it run on all modern GPUs, make a big stink about nvidia's snooty solution only working on the most expensive geforce cards and how they've abandoned their 30 series customers.

FSR 3.0's frame generation feature doesn't even have to have great image quality. We've seen that it's totally okay for FSR to be a step behind DLSS in terms of image quality, as long as it works decently well.