Redsoftware Plutonium (XP/2000) Series Drivers

Wolf said:

I was using omegas 6071 XP drivers, tried the omega plutoniums last night..well my desktop looked fine, nothing 3d would even start, just a black screen no matter what I tried to run or do..
back to omegas 6071 and dreading the thougt that my next driver update may be ATI default drivers...... its a sad day in wolfland :-(

Same here :(
Cyborg From Red said:
Anyone actually used the XK1.0.71a's yet?

Yep....I tried GTA3=black screen. I thought gta3 might be the problem (it's kinda buggy) so i started 3dmark but still I got a black screen.

Club3d radeon 7500
amd xp 1600+
256 ddr ram
ECS k7s5a

Need more??

BAck to the other drivers.
same here . i've been having this problem since the first join release by omega and plutonium can someone solve this please
Red ? any idea whats wrong ? can you fix it please. it annoys me since some can use this driver and we can't
Time to buy an 8500 lol

Time to buy an 8500 lol

Don't worry guys, you're not missing much as far as GTA3 runs like utter garbage on a Radeon 7 series....My 64MB DDR VIVO retail was so bad at 640x480 I didn't even want to play. The programmers included some ridiculous "trail" function so that everything would leave a trail and not seem so choppy, but instead look like a blurred mess. They probably knew it ran like crap on most machines lol.

I'm soooo tempted to go buy a Radeon 8500 64MB LE right now....newegg has a pretty good deal on one
my neighbour has a Radeon 8500, it looks damn sweet on his machine..I havent tried it yet am afraid its gonna look bad and upset me LOL
You simply have to compare the specs of the people, where the Plutoniums aren't running.

Every single person has a R7500!

Old Radeons and the 8500's are running great with the Plutoniums.

I'll stick back to the Omega-Only-XP-drivers until Cyborg fixed this lil' issue!
Well I think I will talk to Omega about this, as most of his tweaks are used, not a lot of mine. (By the way for all you AIW users, my custom WDM drivers will be coming out really soon!)
I finally installed GTA 3, it worked great..I'm trying to figure out why everyone else is having so many slow downs or problems here at all