Redsoftware Plutonium (XP/2000) Series Drivers

Jeff Lange

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OK Fellas, I got them done, the Plutonium XP and Plutonium 2000 drivers are on the site! :D

The Plutonium 2000 3.2 Drivers are based on the 6043.
The Plutonium XP 7.01 Drivers are based on the 6058.

Please post any problems you have in this thread or the forum on my site.

EDIT: Oops, forgot the link :D here
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hmm...I do suddenly feel like the poor cousin since in the 8500 forum this thread is stickied and all =(

Don't you people worry though...just biding my time until the Unitech eXP hits town, or until the Gainward 700XP GF4 Ti4400 VIVO card gets in a decent price level or maybe I'll give up on the unitech if it doesn't show in another month and get the ASUS V8200 Deluxe Ti200(which would be a shame but I can't stand the slow assed Radeon 64MB DDR VIVO anymore...[used to be fast but times have changed :( ])
Well the 8500 forum definitly gets more usage than the 7500/Radeon. Thats the way it goes, but hey, these drivers still work great with R100/RV100/M6/R200/RV200/M7 series stuff.
Tried them and gaming performance is ok, but my windows performance is not so good. 2D stutters and flickers really bad...

for some reason, i can't have simultaneous displays on both the tv and monitor on my radeon le in windows xp anymore...
Cyborg, as you update your driver set... just keep it in here. As long as you do that... I will keep the thread on sticky.
Hey Cyborg, i don't want to put pressure on you, i think everybody enjoy the work you and omega are doing :)

My question was just if you planned releasing plutonium drivers for 9x/ME?
do you mean up in the sense that it's a broken link? ;)

Just a friendly poke =) I really appreciate your work and can't wait to test out the 7.0 XP's!
Well here's the link.

EDIT: I screwed up, final version should be up by sunday night.


(BTW The site won't be updated till tomorrow)
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Haven't tried tv-out again yet with the 7.0, but i've lost all the driver tabs under advance in Display Properties. There's just General, Adapter, Monitor, Troubleshoot, and Color Management.

It seems my 3dmark score has dropped 200 points since the last plutonium driver...
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Wow, good thing this thread is here, people are posting like crazy :) . I guess I'll (we'll) wait for the set to be released on Tuesday, which you mentioned in the thread in the Radeon 8500 forum.


Just FYI, my T-bird [email protected] can run Jedi Knight II maxed out settings(that means VERY HIGH texture setting) plus Anisotropic filtering on @ 1600x1200 and it'll still be "playable" on my 64MB DDR VIVO with these drivers!(it's clocked at 198/198 medium right now).

It's not silky or anything but playable is quite impressive! =)

I don't actually play at that rez obviously but it's still cool that it's not a completely unplayable game at 16x12 =)