Redsoftware Plutonium (XP/2000) Series Drivers

GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've tried your latest driver 20min. ago, and now I love them !!
Before I used latest ATI-Betarelease and scored about 5900p. in 3dmark2k SE !! Now I score about 6400p., how did you do that ??

My System:

AthlonXP 1500+ @ 1.6Ghz (2.05V)
Epox 8KHA+ (Vcore mod)
256MB Samsung PC2100
Radeon 7500 @ 348/270DDR with fast timings
WinXP Pro
so when are those 7000 series tuned drivers going to show up? I read in the other thread you were going to do a more 7000 tuned series?

=) pwease?

I'm seriously thinking about putting a 50watt peltier and a big water block on top of my radeon just to see it pass the 5000 mark lol
do these drivers 'beat' the Omega 1.1.58 (latest) for gaming and general desktop useage?


(Radeon 64b vivo)
the new 7.02's are out!!

but the 7.02 on the 6058's drop my 3dmark score by ~400 points in comparison to the 7.01...???

haven't tried the 6043 version yet - why are there two versions anyway?


yo there,
i was running 6058 under WIN XP Pro (my sig is outdated), and my fps in CS oscillated between 50 and 70 in 1024.
Now with plutoniums it went up to 70 to 99, holy cr*p =)
i used omegas once which slowed me down to 23 fps :(
plutonium ROX, and with the refresh rate thingy, its so perfect
keep up the work man, plutoniums rule =)
do u have to install the WDM drivers for ur vivo as well?

or do these drivers have them ?

I also have a rad 64mb vivo u see :)
A little dissapointed...

A little dissapointed...

Well, I downloaded the 7.02.43 set and installed them over my previous drivers (Compaq provided). I did this by clicking Have Disk... Well, my 3DMark 2001 SE score went up by about 50 points, but now the Start Menu is very slow. It fades in slowly, and in a kinda choppy way (if you know what I mean). I quickly uninstalled them. I guess maybe I'll try the 58 set, or maybe Omega's... Just wanted to let you guys know.
That is because those Compaq-provided drivers are probably 32xx series, and didn't have alpha blending enabled, ATI enabled it in the 60xx series drivers, but it only works properly on the 8500, to fix your problem, disable the Shadows under menu's.
Hey Cyborg from Red,

Even though you are right about the fact that the Compaq drivers were in the 32xx series (3227b, I believe), I was able to install Omega's 1.1.58 without this problem. Unfortunately I had already uninstalled your drivers before I read your post, so I wasn't able to test your theory. Anyway, I currently have shadows on (I never turned them off) and the Start Menu seems to 'run' fine. I don't know if Omega turned off the alpha blending by default, but maybe this is something you could look into. Well, keep up the good work. You and Omegadrive are providing a great service to the community.
Sorry guys, as the server hosting these files had over 160gig's of bandwidth consumed, I need to find a new host, the next set won't be up for a little while.
Well I've just tried out the new XP drivers and they work great I get slightly better 3DMark scores and Games work great.

Until this version when I had tried out earlier drivers from Cyborg, before the new naming scheme, I found they were worse for me than Omegadrive's but not anymore. I'm glad I tried them again.

Keep up the good work.

P.S. I like the way you keep the WDM installer in with your drivers.

:D :D :D :D
All right, although I already posted this in the 8500 forum, I'm going to post it here too :)
I was hoping to make a 7000 series tuned driver set for the Radeon and was wondering if I could base my work off of your work so I have some idea where to start. I'd totally understand if you didn't appreciate me taking your work since it is after all your work, but I honestly have no clue where to start other than comparing the differences between yours and the ATI drivers.

definitely think your idea of bundling a bunch of tweaks together with the driver is a swell idea, have no clue how I'd do that but maybe I'll just be ghetto and link to the tweak sites lol

Nonetheless, I think it's about time a 7xxx series tuned driver showed up =) that completely focuses only on 7 series performance and related performance.
Well I do still tweak my drivers for the 7 series, as I still own one.

Not as much anymore, But I do still work on them, well do what you can do with mine, and maybe send it to me, I'll look it over and give you my opinion.


Hi Cyborg

Just tried the latest drivers with the Radeon 7500 and unfortunately I got the dreaded infinite loop stuff with them.
I used the recommended instructions for deleting previous ATI drivers.
My system(homebuilt)

Intel P4 1.8
256 DDR Ram
MSI 645 Ultra mainboard with the SiS chopset
Promise 133 Controller card with 2 Maxtor 40 Gb. Ultra DMA 133 hardrives
Pioneer DVD-Rom
Internal Zip drive
Windows XP Home full install
D-Link 528Tx Ethernet
Radeon 7500 Video card
Current chipset drivers and Bios 1.5
No overclocking

I was wondering if you would have any suggestions.
Anyway I just thought I'd drop you a note and also to say keep up the good work as we are using your drivers (the ones before the latest ones) on another system with an 8500 in it, and they work just fine.

thanks kindly and regards
do these drivers 'beat' the Omega 1.1.58 (latest) for gaming and general desktop useage?

I was using omegas 6071 XP drivers, tried the omega plutoniums last night..well my desktop looked fine, nothing 3d would even start, just a black screen no matter what I tried to run or do..
back to omegas 6071 and dreading the thougt that my next driver update may be ATI default drivers...... its a sad day in wolfland :-(
Hi Cyborg...

I just read the posting from Frank Rehak and I have to say that I have exactly the same problem. I know your drivers are not for benchmarking but I just want to see how it compared to my previous drivers (also Plutoniums but based on 6058's) so I know which is better. (Scored 5790 in 3DMark2001SE and 70-80 fps in CS)

Coincidentally, I almost have the same setup as Frank but mine is a P4 2GHz with 512Mb RDRAM. I assume it has something to do with the INTEL processor? I never had this problem before, so it kind of stumped me as to solving it. I have the retail version of the RADEON7500. Anyway...I hope that you could advise me and I really want to used your latest drivers based on the 6071's! Thanks Bro!

X71 vs X72

X71 vs X72

I tried both the Plutonium X71 and the Omega/Plutonium X72 drivers last night and found that, on my system at least, the X71's are much faster. In World War 2 Online in the exact same location I got 12-22 fps with the X72's. I then reinstalled the X71's and went back to the same place and was averaging 50 fps with highs of 65 fps. 12-22 vs 50-65? Too much of a difference for me and with the exact same settings. I'll stick with the X71's!


Windows XP Pro
Epox 8KTA3L+ mb with Duron 950
640mb PC133
Radeon 64 DDR VIVO
Aureal Vortex 2
2 40 gig Western Digital and Quantum HDD's
Acer 10x CDRW
Samsung 12x DVD
i'm using omega and plutonium driver X1.0.71 and i can't run 3dmark even. i get this message that says the driver get into infinite loop. i'm using windows XP any idea what is wrong ? your new released driver also can't work on my system. dunno whats wrong. any games or application that uses directx 8.1 crash. it shows infinite loop error my computer have parts as in my signature. anyone can help ??? i really wanna use this kick ass drivers but the only one i can run right now is the old driver by omega, the last version before this join version with plutonium.
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