Rage3D v5.0 - what do you want to see?

Forums are a dying media with the "keyboard to internet user" ratio on an exponential decrease... Ever try to type a paragraph of thoughts on a phone? It makes you wish you'd punched yourself in the nuts for considering the attempt.
Appreciate the offer. Right now communication is the biggest issue.
Open comment to the admins...

What IS the plan for the short/mid/long term?

A community has life-cycles and needs new stuff in order to continue to grow and nurture and be somewhat fresh and stable, else you see a constant flow of people leaving or posting less as a result of life.

There are several new things happening on the graphics front, there are new items on the tech side. There are a number of tech events year long. We have a number of posters here who can and do create UGC (user generated content). We have a rudimentary system of gamification. We have some degree of ideation (OK, fine, most of our ideas are crap, but they are there dammit :) )

The platform is well and good but are there plans for anything else?

Several posters in other threads have wondered along these lines and it seemed as good a time as any to bring it up to discuss.

Sorry to be offering a deaf ear, but I don't have any updates to offer at the moment.