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Pure Playstation gives it a 8.7/10.

Days Gone is another notable addition to the PlayStation 4’s first party library. It follows the standard open world mold, but tells an intriguing story of a conflicted character and a unique survivalish-based zombie apocalypse. Gameplay is down to earth, gritty, and most of all fun while doing just enough differently to set it apart. Shame that multiple technical issues hold the game back regardless if they will be easily patched or not. But hey, I think I have an irrational fear that Freaker hordes will surround my house now.

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I really want to like this game but I am generally not a fan of zombie horde games and this seems to be one of them. What I saw was lots of dying due to camera issues, reloading animations and just generally sluggish gunplay. Story might be good but gameplay is below average. Also very repetitive.
Days Gone - Anyone grabbing this on Friday? It's preloading on my ps4 as I type. Open-world zed gameplay :) .
I watched some gameplay videos the past few days and this is a hard pass for me. Watching Fighting Cowboy play was frustrating. He struggled with the aim. It felt like watching someone play Resident Evil. The gunplay looked like a nightmare.
Best way to summarize is its not an amazing game, but more middle of the road imo. Finally started playing - fun game so far.
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I wasnt so sure about this game at first...but after this trailer..holy ****, definitely getting this. Best looking game this generation by far.
Seriously what in the flying f?????? Graphics are beautiful acting is superb... But holy shhhhh. Weirdest game I've ever seen.