Pics of your Pets!


Quiny saw something that looked like food (everything looks like food to her.....)
Been awhile since I posted here, but will have some new pics shortly. You may remember me posting this last spring that we lost our choc lab Cora. Super sad day and we had decided not to replace. That left our black lab Riley pretty lonely but the cats stepped up. Anyway, lupboy1 sent us some pics earlier this week, one thing led to another, and he’s bringing home Tillie at thanksgiving, a 7mo old female choc lab. :D
Thank you all. Sorry about the lateness of the reply. Was a little rough at the time especially with the time of year.

It is now a new year and my wife and daughter have been sorting of complaining about how empty the house has been without a dog. Found out last night that they had both been looking on and off the last couple of weeks without saying anything. Wasn't really looking to get another dog so soon after but I did search myself last night and found an interesting listing. Made a couple of inquiries and the result was,

Introducing Violet, 9 weeks old.