Pics of your Pets!


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So many threads about pets in some form.... figured i'd try and consolidate :D

This is the family's rabbit, shadow:


Now my brother wanted one for years and we finally got one, he's kinda hyper and paranoid a lot of the time, but fairly smart, energetic, and VERY fast.

I usually call him bunny, fuzzy, fuzzy-bunny, fuzzums, bunnums, the fuz, and various other things (though never his name...)

We have some fish too....... but we used to have a lot more, and they look like normal no pics for them!

So what are your pets like?
I have a truly evil beast... Its a female... and its a cat... Pure unadulterated super evil... Women are but a mere sampling of what this damn cat can do...

I've tried and tried and I can't get a picture that isn't blurred of this cat either... Its so evil it even scares the camera...

So no :Pics: for you... :lol:
I don't really own a pet, but our neighbours owned a whore of a cat. Anyway, she had her kittens underneath our wooden doorsteps, so I took this photo catching them redhanded planning world domination.

My two little horrors. Honey (18 months) on the left and Saffron (her daugher, 6 months) on the right. Don't let the innocent look fool you!