Pics of your Pets!

Sad to hear another family loss. I'm sure you gave him an awesome life.

We tried to be good humans for him. The wife threw her usual “Be a good boy and watch the house!” On the way out the door this morning, then it hit her.
Ahh man....sorry to hear the day, that day that we all with our best buds have to endure has come. A toast to your awesome pup.
Thanks guys :heart: The house is just empty. It’s what we know we face when we take them in though.

Worth having the time with them :up:
So, my new buddies should be in this thread now. They’ve all but commandeered the mud room, and they’re beginning to get comfortable enough to come into the kitchen and living room. Love these little guys :heart:

One of my cats a few months ago helping me with my Lego AT-AT Walker. (Also testing image uploads on the forum)