Official Navi2x/6x00 series thread

Yeah, lol. I'm hoping for lots more inventory on the 25th.

This article makes for interesting reading. We know who SOC's are in the new consoles don't we?

This is also an interesting read from Gibbo at Overclockers UK;

"The CPU's are simple, we are buying most in small batches from grey resources because official stock is slim to zero and all that grey stock actually cost us above what you the customer is paying, the current AMD 5000 CPU's we are shipping out we are losing money on, but we buy these more expensive chips to ship some orders to do the best we can for our customers. We only turned one batch of 5800X away because the supplier wanted £100 more per CPU than we had sold at, we can afford to take a £10 or even £20 hit per CPU, but £100 hit per CPU we cannot afford that. That is why the CPU's were slightly above MSRP which makes us around 10% margin on official stock but at the same time means we don't loose too much when we buy none official stock. I've being doing this for twenty years and I know that at every CPU launch there will not be enough official product, I will have to buy grey product which loses us money but it is our priority to ship customers orders at the prices they paid, we always honour the price even if we lose money and we simply knew we would lose money on a large percentage of the pre-orders due to buying grey. So in short we charge a little extra, around 5% to give us a buffer to allow us to buy more expensive stock, because our main priority is shipping our customers orders, not how much money we make on those orders but at the same time we don't want to be shipping all the orders at losses so that buffer means we can take more expensive stock and still break even. By us taking official and grey stock means in the end we ship more orders meaning we please more customers who were happy to pay that small premium.

The customer has the choice, to shop around, the MSRP is also a suggestion not a given and after being recently burnt selling at MSRP's we are now far more cautious.

The GPU MSRP's are near impossible to hit for board partners and for ourselves, after operational cost we'd be lucky to break even and considering the huge amount of workload on all departments GPU's are creating selling product at a loss on several hundred or a thousand plus cards on a brand new in mega short supply product is simply not possible for ourselves. When the custom cards are released people will see that launch MSRP's are very distant compared to actual selling prices, that is not resellers gouging that is just board partners selling product at fair margin so they can survive.

We are always fair in what we do and if we can hit an MSRP we will do so, but to be quite frank after the 3080 MSRP that has lost us potentially thousands we are now a lot more cautious. As 24hr after launch of 3080, in some cases, minutes/hours no reseller anywhere was selling a board partner card at £649, ask yourself why and it was not because of gouging."

He's also commented that their will be slim to no cards from 6800 AIB's next Wednesday. I'd only expect cards from Sapphire, Powercolor, XFX and whoever else is an AMD only partner. Forget Asus, MSI & Gigabyte. They've got too many pre-ordered 3080's to deliver.
Was the whole "way more aib inventory on 25th" thing emanating from some guy on hardocp or is there an actual statement from a company to back this?

Because at this point, I'm skeptical. Sounds to me like we'll have another 60-120 second rat race to check out with a whole bunch of sad faces afterwards.
sounds like most of the AMD only aib will get most of them vs the non amd vendors like msi/gigabyte/asus etc...
Was the whole "way more aib inventory on 25th" thing emanating from some guy on hardocp or is there an actual statement from a company to back this?

Because at this point, I'm skeptical. Sounds to me like we'll have another 60-120 second rat race to check out with a whole bunch of sad faces afterwards.

Regarding availability it's simple maths & economics really.

Apparantely MS has sold 1.5m Xboxes since launch. Sony being the bigger brand will have sold at least the same if not more. So that's 3m consoles.

In the UK AMD have shipped about 200 Zen 3's mostly the 5600. Again in UK AMD have shipped at best 200 6800's with only about 20% of them being XT's.

It's really not rocket science to work out where all the 7nm wafers are going is it. You can't blame AMD, consoles are money in the bank it's just the way they've tried to cover up the supply issues. If you're honest and upfront people can respect that. Instead what they're doing is like chinese water torture. Drip, drip drip and as you said this just leaves them with frustrated consumers. Obviously the same goes for Nvidia but as this is an AMD thread I'm not going to comment on that.
Was the whole "way more aib inventory on 25th" thing emanating from some guy on hardocp or is there an actual statement from a company to back this?

Because at this point, I'm skeptical. Sounds to me like we'll have another 60-120 second rat race to check out with a whole bunch of sad faces afterwards.

The only thing he said was there would be 7 times more than reference but how many reference were there? And how much vs demand?

Its just that if you preferered reference with amd you would have to be lucky to get one.
What's the status on the $10 bet?

He's trying to weedle out of the bet :lol:

This is also very funny. Some of the comments are great.

Sack Frank Azore is trending heavily especially for that 2nd tweet. Brain dead comes to mind when this guy is mocking potential AMD consumers who couldn't buy the card. Was he really that desperate to try and win a $10 bet? :lol:

manual overclocking ExtremeIT was able to achieve 2750 MHz Game and 2800 MHz boost clock, according to the GPU-Z monitoring software. By default, however, the graphics card has 2090/2340 MHz frequencies respectively. The manual overclocking failed and it did not appear to be very stable (multiple display signal losses), but eventually he modified the overclocking to 2600/2650 MHz.

This allowed the RX 6800 XT Red Devil to score 56,756 points in Fire Strike (1080p preset, Graphics score).

you can't it was close to two months after the 2080 ti came out before the first ray tracing game Battlefield V came out and you could do more than a short demo with a 1200 buck RT card

and then it was months between new RT games for NV to tweak them
then with some games RT and or DLSS was added 6 months after the game came out

and lets get real

and some of them just plain suck .

Exactly. Someone gets it!

Thank you! Had to scroll thru 2/3 of a page of posts about availability talk that belongs in the designated topic for it, to get to something that has to do with performance and the actual card itself.
Well I was worried that having the same memory arch from 6800 to 6900 was a problem but this test says it isnt:

RAM frequency scaling test from

Rightwards arrow17 games at 4k
Rightwards arrowstandard vs. 8600Mhz
Rightwards arrow1% difference

Big Navi is not bandwidth limited thanks to 128MB Infinity Cache.
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To try and be a bit more fair I think it's clear that in AMD's early planning they knew they had 0% of the enthusiast GPU market and they knew that Nvidia with 100% of the segment were launching the 30 series in the same quarter. They will have then set themselves a target of how many 6800 sales they could realistically make coming from a non existant base. They would have realistically set a target of 2 to 3% over say the first 6 months and an optomistic market share of 10% over the life of the card (obviously these are just made up numbers). That would then have fed into their production schedule and this would have been set months in advance of the launch.

As they are also producing the Xbox, PS5 and Zen 3 it would probably have left them very little wriggle room in re crunching the numbers. Then they saw what happened with the 3080/90 and two weeks later the 3070 launch. I bet they thought oh sh*t. Now instead of maybe 2% of the market being a target there was probably 10x that number who couldn't get a 30 series card and would now consider a 6800. Unfortunately they would have then known there was no way they could meet this huge demand as the production numbers would have been written in stone and unable to be changed. So this was a perfect sh*t storm that unfortunately they would have had no way of predicting during their production scheduling.

At this point they could have come out and told the truth about the situation asked for people's patience whilst they tried to address the issue. Like they mention in the article Pax posted they could have come up with an EVGA type system to ensure the right people got the cards they did have without all the frustrations.

The rest as they say is history as we all know what they chose to do. Add in the stupid bet from Frank Azor and then his moronic tweet about buying a 6800 that the whole pack of cards collapsed. Don't lie to your consumers as that never ends well as Apple has found out with the Jobs arial issues, bendgate and ofc Nvidia's gimped 970 memory to name but a few.

So where does that leave us with 6800 availabilty? In the short term little to non existant and in the medium term a little better but the chances of any of us geting one in 2020 is looking remote unless we get very very lucky.

Obviously, all opinions are my own. Just my 2c's.
So, why the drop off at 4k if it's not memory bandwidth limited? 1080p/1440p the cards are beasts.. 4K it falls flat in perspective to the 1080/1440 results.

Thats the 64 000$ question... maybe drivers but maybe some other bottleneck that we dont know of yet. Its not rops thats for sure. 128 is overkill. We see the 6800 outperf vs its 17% lower # of cus vs the 6800xt and that wiht the 6800xt running higher clocks, so whatever it is, adding cus isnt giving a 100% scale increase in perf. So not rops or cu's...

TU's maybe? But Im thinking more and more its drivers.
ASUS Radeon RX 6900 ROG STRIX series spotted at EEC

There is a small confusion around the new submission though. For reasons unknown, ASUS used Radeon RX 6900 non-XT codename instead of the RX 6900 XT (the only SKU AMD officially introduced). AMD did not confirm, however, that the 6900 series would be available under custom series, but this is a second AIB known to be preparing such graphics cards, so it is safe to assume that this is indeed happening. Whether ASUS used the wrong code, or there is indeed the RX 6900 non-X SKU planned, we don’t know yet.

According to the list, ASUS would launch the ROG STRIX LC series of the RX 6900 (XT) SKU. The regular ROG STRIX is also planned accompanied by the mid-range TUF Gaming series. Meanwhile, the DUAL and DUAL EVO series might be exclusive to the slowest Navi 21 SKU, the RX 6800 non-XT.


guys i created a thread to discuss availability but it seems we all have literacy issues, im just gonna start deleting posts from here on in now or if it amuses it me, ill edit the post to say things such as im illiterate, or i didnt graduate from primary school etc
I don't think you are necessarily being fair in your view on Ray tracing. Nvidia has been working on their generation 1 for 2 years, and when their ray tracing was first introduced 2 years ago, it's performance was much, much worse than it is today, as well of also running into bugs. So I don't think you can call it first gen against first gen unless you go back and compare day 1 AMD to day 1 Nvidia. Nvidia required multiple patches in BF5 to deal with some of the issues, along with performance enhancements optimizations, which wasn't full illumination. They have also had 2 years to optimize it via drivers. The fact that the Ampere isn't really an improvement is really a huge black mark on Nvidia. Out of the gate, AMD is expected to do full illumination from the get go and shine? Yet, full illumination didn't' even happen for Nvidia until Metro Exodus. Not to mention that Nvidia had their hand in the cookie jar the whole time having all these games optimized for them. Sot heir should be a little more slack given to AMD than what it appears you are giving. Just my opinion.

No, this is a fair counterpoint. I was thinking mostly in hardware terms, not software optimization, which Nvidia has had a lot more time to do (both on the driver and developer level).

I still have mixed feelings about the importance of ray tracing this gen, because the performance hit is usually quite high for any substantial effects, and even now not that many games support it.