New Official ATI OpenGL Driver


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It appears ATI has quietly released a 'patch' to the latest drivers here:
Though they claim it is a patch for SOF 2, it's actually just a zipped up openGL driver file that goes in your system directory, and it's a good month newer than what comes with the current driver release.

Interesting indeed, thx for the tip Flanger - file is 200k bigger and version is 3140 x 3064 on 6071 set ... time for some benching now :D
Would it be a good idea to run this patch for the latest Omega/Plutonium drivers? Or would that mess something up? They use the 6071 OpenGL driver, but I'd just like to make sure this won't change anything else before I go installing it.
I went up 300 GLExcess points. I didn't bench with the original 9031 drivers, though, so I don't know how this compares to them. The last time I ran GLExcess was with the 9026 drivers. The scenes that saw the biggest improvements were 4, 6, 9, 10, and 11. Scenes 4, 10, and 11 are all in the same category (VRAM), so it looks like ATI made some concentrated effort in that area.
go check out opengl tab, it's not checked perfomance neither quality. Well settings are the same like before when perfomance was checked, but if i checked perfomance option support compres text goes unchecked, interesting...
I tried installing the patch with the Omega/Plutoniums. It doesn't appear to have messed up their tweaks, so I think it'll work fine... it wouldn't hurt if someone who knows drivers better than I confirmed that, though.

Are there still problems with the alien morphing texture and the glass in the windows in Vulpine GL Mark like in the 6071 or is that working properly now??? Maybe I give it a try...right now I'm using 6043 because of those issues...
It seems to have fixed the texture problems i was haveing in
Medal of honor. While useing windows xp.
I never had a problem with moh running win98.
Cool! This driver supports the HP_occlusion_test OpenGL extension :)
Think I'll have to write a demo of that :D, once I'm done with the stuff I'm working on.
Humus said:
Cool! This driver supports the HP_occlusion_test OpenGL extension :)

What does that extention do? =)
Although it has no effect on me, i just like knowing stuff.