NEW DRIVERS 7.73 (6093) FOR ALL OS's


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at last some new drivers have been released !! ;)

win9x/me ver
w2k ver
winxp ver
winxp64 ver
nt4 ver 4.3.4017

check this link :

good luck and post your results :)
greetz taz3d
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don't worry .. hehe , it's 21 MB for all these drivers for all the OSs combined into one file .... each individual driver set is smaller
Anyone tried these yet??

I would but downloading them on a poor litte 56k is a big deal!!!

Do they impreove or fix anything major over the previos leaked version ?

BlackBirdSR said:
can someone verify that those do use the old OpenGL Driver?
not the new one ATI delivered recently?

the driver on my machine is was the one that ATI released to fix SOF, so we have a newer OGL driver in this leak
BlackBirdSR said:
hmm there's a WinXP64 Driver included.. I wonder if that's for IA64

actually I would believe that would be for AMD's version of 64 bit computing ah la hammer-butter sanwiches!
Tested these breifly....

First off...all openGL games are dark as hell..and adjusting the brightness in game doesnt work at all for some reason.

Second...there are NO tabs in the Display properties at ALL for Direct 3D, OpenGL..or anything else for that matter?

Third...Jedi Knight..from what I tested runs about 15% faster..LOL

So, we have dark OpenGL games, with no tbas to change options..tha run 15% faster from my testing...

Odd mixed bag of drivers we have here
Installed the drivers, just running 3dmark2001se.

Started with setup.exe, windows identifies the card as r8500.
I lost all Ati tabs in display manager -> advanced. Odd.
Perhaps I made a mistake when installing. I just uninstalled the omegaplutonium 1.07b (the newest set) and rebooted and installed the 6093 version.

No significant performance increase/decrease in 3dmark2001se with my system. Benchmarks don't matter though. Testing gta3 now...
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James Crivellone said:
Interesting, I did an upgrade from 6071, and still have my direct3d/ogl tabs..

What OS are you running? I'm using XP.
Did you just install them without uinstalling the 6071's?
cool, that's a signficant 3DMark increase :) ... and, every single test went higher with these new drivers (except for the Pixel Shader test)

......... on another note.. James Crivellone , what you mean exactly by "upgrade" ... ie.: do you install over the old drivers without uninstalling them first .... or do you uninstall, then install the new drivers .... or do you do a complete clean install (deleting the old ATI files, clearing the old ATI registry entries , etc.) ... ? (just curious)..

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