New Apple Products. What are you picking up?

Gotta have extra protection because kids. I usually use otterbox or spigen cases and tempered glass screens.
You better learn them kids

Is the new notch also driving someone’s OCD mad? Someone at Apple should be fired for this crap.
What's wrong with the new notch?

It still exists at all? LOL

Seriously though, kids issue is real. Not just because kids can grab it, but often because you're also juggling more things in your hands, occasionally have to lunge to save kid from injury when they are not paying attention (or learning to walk)...just adds a layer of stuff that can easily cause an "oops" moment where your phone crashes to the ground.
Yes but I don’t want to carry a brick around. Heck even pro is too heavy and I am considering a 13 for me.
So I replaced the apple otterbox cover with a clear otterbox cover with MagSafe and now the weight is much better.

Also got a MagSafe charger and a brick since I didn’t have a USB C brick thus far.

Phone is pretty dope and I am quite liking the upgrade from 12. The 120 Hz screen and overall speed of the phone is where it’s at.

Highly recommended upgrade for anyone still using a previous phone.
I hope you guys are aware that if anything gets broken, only Apple can repair it and we all know they don't want to repair anything... Even if genuine Apple parts are used, the phone wont work properly as most items have IDs then must match. ID doesn't match = non-functional part of the phone, genuine part or not. Only Apple can update the ID database in the phone.

Here is a guy that demonstrates the issue, having bought two iPhone 13 pro and switch parts between them.
Well I always use Otterbox covers and full screen tempered glass 9 DH or some crap. Through this I managed to protect my 11, 12 and 13 Pro. Wasn’t able to protect my 8 before that. My 7 still works and has a Spigen armor cover which is also very good but I don’t like the new range of Spigen armor with a kickstand.

The only recent damage I had was when my wife washed the 11 in the pool and Apple only charged me 95 bucks to replace her 11. Combine it with the apple care I bought for her for 157 bucks it isn’t bad to get the full phone replaced with a brand new one 1 month before the 2 years were about to finish.

I am thinking about getting Apple Care for my 13 Pro as well but it is 210 bucks so am still contemplating if I want it. I got it for my wife and little kid as they are likely to destroy the apple products.