Just gassed the work truck @ $3.45. I think they’re saying the average in the area is around $3.69 though.
Huh, drove past $2.82 today and this is with a known storm in the gulf. Might've been in the $2.70's days prior except wasn't paying attention. Should just stop draining the SPR now and think about refilling it after the storm and its effects are gone.
There are always price fluctuations when we swap between the summer and winter blend in mid September and mid April.
It spikes pretty much anytime you have a hurricane spending time in the Gulf. I imagine not much got disrupted and we'll see prices come down in the near term.

But again, prices WILL go up in the longer term and will continue to do so as auto manufacturers phase out ICE powered vehicles in favor of BEV alternatives. No one is building or investing in 20+ year production infrastructure right now.
I paid $4.899 per gallon today (93 Octane/Premium). I filled up 13.67 gallons so my total was $66.97.

Man, if there was one reason to miss my Tesla....