Games Finished November 2023


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Going on now for 6th year! I hope it has helped you as it helped me keeping my backlogs in check while enjoying my games.

Not every month someone will be finishing a lot, as there are months where a person just can't finish anything. Then you got that streak going in another month.

Also, if you plan to replay the game, it is fine but don't repeat it at a later month as first completion is what counts.

Another thing is the criteria of what is considered completed in unclear games such as team based multiplayer games; I would say set a target for that. E.g. I considered Overwatch completed when I reached level 100. Or when I finished story mode (which was a long movie sequence) in Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator. You decide what you consider is completed as long as it is reasonable to a certain extend and correlate-able to a single player experience.

DLC completed at a separate time from the main game and has enough content (+1 hour) can be counted as a separate completion.
Console completions can be accepted as long as the main focus is still PC overall.

Completed Games:​​​​​​​​​​​
729-RoboCop: Rogue City


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A bit late but earlier than last month!

With that said, the website seems to having a flu of sort. Still managed to get the post through.

Only finished 1 game in November:

729-RoboCop: Rogue City: Best RoboCop representation in a video game. Loved it. It might not be AAA and has some issues but rest assured, it is a good game. It could have been better in places and it has it's issues but overall, I enjoyed my +25 hours in this game. Must play for RoboCop fans.
Three this month and none of particular note.
Submachine complete collection: The originals not the recent remastered version.
Days Gone - Almost 60 hours but should have been half that. So much padding on a very average game.
Evans Remains - So-so puzzle with a really bad visual novel element.
4 for me.

Spiderman: Remastered: Good game. Everything anyone said about it that is good was right.

Spiderman: Remastered 3x DLCs - I would count each as their own game if I 100% them, but I didn't because they're damn difficult.

Dredge - Bought this because Steam said I only had one game from 2023 that I've played. Had some interesting parts but overall I think it gets more praise than it should. Not a lot of meat in there and gameplay is meh.

Necromunda: Hired Gun - On November 30th I decided to try to finish this one before midnight. I did.​
Armour Core 6 completed (including Balteus pre patch), now working my way through RE4 remake which much more fun than i remembered.
Alan Wake 2
Robocop Rogue City

Total 4 counts of game boning.
Ooh the site's back up! I finished one game in November, and it was a big one: Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC.
One game in November.

Republique VR - This was initially an interesting game, and it's also now available for free. Unfortunately, it started out strong for the first three chapters, but then in chapter four it really went off the rails. Chapter four was completely different than the previous three, to the point it felt like it was a different game entirely, and not in a positive way. Chapter five sort of got things back on track, but it really couldn't save things after the weird turn it took in chapter four. Also the ending........ Anyway, because the game jumped the shark halfway through and ended on a low not, I can't recommend it. I guess I'll give it a 5/10 for initially being good, but considering the way things went off the rails that may be generous.