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    Games Finished April 2023

    Going on now for 6th year! I hope it has helped you as it helped me keeping my backlogs in check while enjoying my games.

    Not every month someone will be finishing a lot, as there are months where a person just can't finish anything. Then you got that streak going in another month.

    Also, if you plan to replay the game, it is fine but don't repeat it at a later month as first completion is what counts.

    Another thing is the criteria of what is considered completed in unclear games such as team based multiplayer games; I would say set a target for that. E.g. I considered Overwatch completed when I reached level 100. Or when I finished story mode (which was a long movie sequence) in Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator. You decide what you consider is completed as long as it is reasonable to a certain extend and correlate-able to a single player experience.

    DLC completed at a separate time from the main game and has enough content (+1 hour) can be counted as a separate completion.

    Console completions can be accepted as long as the main focus is still PC overall.

    Completed Games:​​​​​​
    715-Resident Evil 4 (Remake)
    716-Call of Duty: WWII
    717-A Plague Tale: Requiem
    718-Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Remake)
    719-Forza Horizon 5: Rally Adventure DLC​


    January 2023 Thread:
    February 2023 Thread:
    March 2023 Thread:
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    April had a better rate of finishing games for me.

    715-Resident Evil 4 (Remake): The best RE remake so far. I played it twice. Shame RE3 didn't get similar treatment as that was my favorite.
    716-Call of Duty: WWII: Played it for the SP after years of it failing to work on my PC for some strange reason (currently unable to play Modern Warfare Remaster and Vanguard, strange errors such as out of memory and crashing before campaign). Was ok.
    717-A Plague Tale: Requiem: Improved over the first in every way and with a more is better approach too. It did feel it dragged a bit but not much. Graphics were great.
    718-Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Remake): The best campaign for the more recent CoDs I have played. Was great and actually feels like it looked better than MW2 (maybe due to ray tracing?)
    719-Forza Horizon 5: Rally Adventure DLC​: Not as great as the Hotwheels DLC and the cars added were too few. Still was enjoyable but it did feel like more of a pretend Rally than an actual rally DLC.​
    *Sending A Dream Into the Universe*
    Steam ID: Vayne4800, Origin: Vayne4800, Battletag: Vayne#2528


      3 for me

      FH5 Rally Adventure
      Hogfart Legacy
      Resident Babysitter 4

      Good month all things considered.


        2 for me!

        1. The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine DLC. Just as amazing as I remember it being. I played this 2nd run-through on Steam. 176 hours. On GoG, 7 years ago? 177 hours. I'd say that's pretty consistent. Will go back and do more stuff eventually. But I said that last time as well.

        2. Metal Hellsinger DLC. I thought it introduced two new levels but it didn't. Played through several levels more times, then figured out how to do it with the new music and played them again.

        Thanks for keeping this going MNB4800!


          Sweet F-all for me.

          So yet another zero month.

          Oh well, maybe May will be better.
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            4 for me

            DREDGE, Storyteller, Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, Age of Wonders 4 (pre-release)​


              'Lil Gator Game - Short action adventure.
              Ultimate admiral Age of Sail - Some serious balance issues but a lot of fun and substantial enough 94 hrs to beat the three campaigns.
              Sword Legacy Omen - Arthurian turn based strategy.
              Vengeful Rites - Decent VR fantasy action game. Not a bad size at 18hrs too.
              Haven - Lightweight but enjoyable.



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                  Deathloop - I had some reservations going into the game because I'd heard somewhat mixed things about it, but I ended up having a blast. It was nice how much variation there was in how you could approach the missions between different weapons and powers, and it was interesting seeing how the day changed depending on what you did in earlier times. The only regret I had was sticking around too long to try to complete all of the missions. I wish I'd quit a little earlier before getting so burned out and just left a few threads hanging. Either way I definitely recommend this game to anyone who has enjoyed other Arkane games.

                  Borderlands 2 DLCs - I finally finished playing the major BL2 DLCs in co-op with friends. To be honest, this dragged on a bit for me, partly because I was stuck playing a melee psycho where the novelty had long since run its course, but where re-specing and getting new equipment was too much of a hassle; and partly because Sir Hammerlock's DLC sucked complete ass and was a miserable experience. Still I finished and don't totally regret having played them.

                  I would rate the individual DLCs as follows:
                  Captain Scarlet's - Decent, if a little bit long. The end sequence was pretty original.
                  Mr Torgue's - Awesome. Either my favorite or second favorite DLC. Intense action and good humorous storyline that just flew by.
                  Sir Hammerlock's - Utter trash. Literally the worst DLC I've played for any game. The enemies were all bullet sponges that were not fun to fight. Some were not only bullet sponges, but actually became invulnerable and/or healed up at points during the fights. The end boss was also an insane bullet sponge which was just ludicrous to fight, and not at all fun. I strongly recommend skipping this one. It's hard to believe it was even made by the same company that made the game/other DLCs. I honestly can't say one good thing about it.
                  Tiny Tina's - Good. Possibly the best DLC, or second best to Mr. Torgue's. I played it many years ago, unlike the other DLCs, so it's hard for me to directly compare.
                  Defense of Sanctuary - Good. Pretty fun and not overly long. I wouldn't say it was as good as Torgue's or Tiny Tina's but it's close up there. On the down side it's not included with the GOTY edition and although it was once available for free, now you have to pay for it. It's not worth full price. Wait for it to go on sale for $5.

                  With that being said, BL2 also has aged poorly from a technical standpoint. It still looks fine and plays OK (although it has been surpassed in terms of UI and in-game systems), but there are annoying bugs that cause the game to crash on modern systems/hardware. You may have to disable the high res texture pack that is installed automatically as DLC because it causes the game to run out of memory (it's a 32 bit game that has not been patched so it can access more than 4 GB of memory). The problem seems worse on higher end Nvidia GPUs, so your shiny 4090 may have more problems than a much lower end card.
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                    Just one this month, Resident Evil 4 Remake.....which was nice.
                    "One moment please"


                      List Updated!

                      Originally posted by Crawdaddy79 View Post
                      Thanks for keeping this going MNB4800!
                      You welcome mate.
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                        Been a bad few weeks, but I did get two games done in April:

                        The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog


                          Beat two games in April. Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Luigi's Mansion 3.

                          Now playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and Metroid Prime Remastered.

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                            Just one game for me in April: Prey (2006).

                            Gaming's been a lot slower this year, possibly because without covid I'm spending more time doing other things. But also, I've been feeling a bit more tired in the evenings, not wanting to rush through single player games.
                            May the Yods be silent


                              Well, I had another zero last month. I will have at least a couple next month, though.


                                List Updated! Creating May Thread.
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