Ford Lightning

Ya the per mile savings are good no doubt tho the e-tank have less range than the gas tank. And he could save more by having a big solar roof system. Course this is Arizona so Canada would have to cut 20-30% off of that but thats also a bit true for gas. I gets less range on my gas tank in winter. Partly due to warming the suv to clear the windows before heading out.

But this is gonna take off next few years with the massive range and durability of solid state batteries. As long as its affordable but 1100 miles per charge is massive. Id charge often only once or twice a month. Id also calculate not just acquisition costs of ev vs gas but also insurance to see how it all evens out per mile.
the ford f 150 hybrid gas tank size is 26 gal and they say real life MPG is 17 so about 442 mile range

i'm getting about 290 range full charge loaded up with tools

full charge is about 6 bucks and 26 gal of reg here is 3.75 or 97.5 bucks a tank

the ford f 150 hybrid is 15k to 20k less than the lighting