Fantastic price on R9 Fury (Newegg)

yeah, it says best buy again.

im gonna check my pc for injectors, something fishy going on here...



Holy shiat!
new info: wasnt Honey.

Ublock Origin off: Bestbuy
Ublock Origin on: Newegg


i wonder if the board itself is replacing the code.

looks like whatever this is is doing it:

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Go to NewEgg and type in N82E16814150742. It is still on sale. Don't have a clue what is going on with link - for me it still takes me to Newegg and the FuryX.

Great price by all means.
That is a Bestbuy link: lol

Put in item number N82E16814150742 in the NewEgg search. My original link works fine for me and does not contain Bestbuy in it.
Weird tried the Bestbuy link and it locked up my computer with a warning screen saying Comcast protection, link was blocked by Comcast. wtf.

On my laptop my link shows Newegg as well as on my Nano rig when it was made on. So does anyone have a clue why this is showing up differently on other computers?
This link replacement **** is a part of viglink and chitika and all that poop that Rage is in cahoots with.

Your best bet is to subscribe and run Ublock Origin :3

Also we had a thread in feedback about this many moons ago when this became an issue previously.
yeah, its viglink.

They are a "hot link" ad provider for keywords.

something in the original link triggered a keyword url replacement.

Ublock blocks the API from running the script.

rage3d has to make money somehow i guess.
thats pretty tame compared to what some other websites do.

As long as ublock keeps it under control, im fine with it.
thats pretty tame compared to what some other websites do.

As long as ublock keeps it under control, im fine with it.

Fully replacing a link in someone posts is pretty serious, IMO. If they just add a link to a key word it's one thing, but when someone tries to link to a deal and it gets changed to another site entirely that's pretty messed up.
On the bright side, I learned about the Honey extension today. Wouldn't mind saving a few bucks here and there when buying online.
So thanks to whomever mentioned it.
It sounds like a faulty card if it was working and then suddenly stopped. If it were a simple crash or a driver bug it should have fixed itself once you restarted. My Fury didn't work any differently than any other card I've had. I say just go ahead with the RMA if you haven't already. Sucks that you had this bad luck though. :(
Replacement arrived last night. Installed new card, and all displays working properly. Uninstalled the AMD driver set, and used DDU, same as before. New card installed, and installed current (not hotfix) drivers.

Still working. Fingers crossed.
Change the .COM to .CA in the original link and see the butt fun us Canadians experience! $419.99 jumping on it right away :cry: