Catalyst? New Drivers

New drivers? Where?

New drivers? Where?

I read the article of on the Catalyst driver set and it said to go to ATI's site to check them out but it's still the drivers from May 9th.

When'll these drivers be ready? Anyone know?
I'm going to stay up all night if that's the case. These drivers are gonna be raw! Winamp support for the remote control!!!!!!
If anyone's got them, leak them, why wait??? I'll host them if anyone has them. we'll need multiple hosts though cause I ain't got much bandwidth.
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I'll point out right now, that unless something has changed, the only way to make fog work right in GTA3 with the 7.72 drivers is to Disable Table, Z and W fog (though wbuffer should be off for GTA3 anyway) using Rage3D Tweak or another tweaker. Hopefully ATI fixed this as it has been brought to their attention. Pass this on if folks have problems with the final 7.72s and GTA3 fog.
Woohoo it's my birthday today. Thanks ATI. I guess we all know why the latest drivers didn't have the advanced tabs included...they didn't want to give up the surprise that they redesigned them! I can't wait to see what MMC 7.7 does though!

I'm really proud of ATi. These new drivers look great! It looks like ATi is going to blow nVidia out of the water in software! I'm going to stay up all night for these! I hope they tweaked some stuff up, the improvement margin looks good. I hope ATi tweaked OpenGL up too.

Edit: Now they did not tweak OpenGL, Yet. It's on their to do list ;).

I guess this Catalyst thing is like nVidias "Detonators" but better. They could haev choosen a cooler name, but I'm not going complain! This looks great! I never would have imagined ATi would have come this far in drivers!

Edit: I just did a search of for the word Catalyst and here's what I got.(No drivers found!)
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Catalyst? whats that?


hahaha, give ATI a bit and u can get em
Oh my goodness

Oh my goodness

Someone in PR at ATi is finally on the ball!

1) Work on drivers until you get rid of your actual driver problems.

2) Commit programmers and developer relations reps to keep your drivers performing well in the future as well.

3) Name them something new and catchy to....
.....a) capture mind share from others *cough* who do so
.....b) escape from stigma of previous flawed drivers
.....c) complement a concerted push to capture the high end

It is a bit of a relief to see ATi making strong and intelligent moves. Now, I wonder what the glitches will be in this push? Hmm...probably doesn't matter, I think they will benefit a lot from this move. (ATi's drivers suck! ... Wait, dude, have you tried their Catalyst drivers? They're nothing like the other ones, they rock!)
LukaR said:
Well, great :) 10% boost, much stable, and new tabs options..good

Heh heh, you claimed it would be "15%-25%". ;) Moral: don't promise anything when you don't know whether or not it can be delivered.

Personally, I would be happy if these drivers improved stability & fixed bugs. Higher performance would be a boon, of course, but I'm not holding my breath.

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is this new driver is goin 2 work with all the 3rd party 8500 boards?
i have a HighTech Excalibur Radeon 8500 retail.
10GHZ said:
is this new driver is goin 2 work with all the 3rd party 8500 boards?
i have a HighTech Excalibur Radeon 8500 retail.
nope but the reference drivers on rage3d will work :) .
so what's the difference between the reference driver and the proper one?
and when can i get it on rage3d?
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