Atomic Heart

Finished it, overall I think it's just a shitty bootleg bioshock with crappy open-world traversal. Just about everything feels pretty clunky, from the combat to platforming. Story is so badly delivered and shifts in tone a lot. I do like the setting and robots though. 6/10 on a good day.
Played a few hours and it's an interesting setting with good looking environments and models. Don't care too much for the story or all the chatter, and gameplay is OK I suppose. Just seems like Soviet Bioshock to me.
Comparison I did using TSR for upscale from 67% resolution and downsample from 133% resolution. Native resolution here was 3840x1080. Imho the 67% here is looking pretty decent, seems super playable.
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The game is so annoying. Always pressing F to pull stuff from drawers etc. Whoever came up with that decision needs to be fired.
You can but having to keep it pressed just to pull stuff out is so annoying. Anyways, I am trying to get canisters for some tree or crap. It is so boring. Such a cool setting but they made the whole gameplay just downright crap.
If that was directed at me, I am traveling and haven’t touched this. First will finish other garbage called Hogfart.
Hogfart, Atomic Fart... Fartal Frame just released on Steam. Seems to be a running theme with these newer releases.
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Played it on game pass. By the end of my second play session, also uninstalled it on game pass. Fuck me this game is shit. Like actually awful. I've play most of the bad console port fps, but god damn this just may be one of the worst.
Im genuinely surprised at how high some of the reviews for this game were. None were "high" reviews mind you, but all seemed to suggest it was above average. It is not.
Another game I stopped playing. What a turd! Also the language and concept was just terrible.
Just installed this on games pass, although looking at the reviews here it looks like maybe I should just pass on it period. Anyway first thing I noticed so far is the game feels choppy. I'm apparently getting 200 fps and freesync is working according to my monitor, but visually it feels more like 60 fps, which is really weird. It just doesn't feel as smooth as a game running above 100 fps should.

Edit: Turns out the problem was some sort of conflict with RTSS which I usually use to cap my frame rate. It seems it was causing irregular frame times leading to choppiness. With that disabled and frame rate target set in the game everything seems to be working properly now.
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