Atomic Heart

I'll keep an eye on it for sure, but was it just me or is that painful to the eyes to watch? Stuttery and jittery, although It'll probably get a good coat of polish before being released..I hope.

edit: It was the video on the steam page I watched, not sure if they're the same.
uuh...that was ...something, hahahaha... might be an interesting game, maybe a bit too...strange, i dunno
Agree with the OP, it's got my attention.

Love the far out creativity of everything!

On my Wishlist indeed.
Been tracking this for a few months, def liking the art style and visuals. Hope it turns out good.
Mundfish announced that interested fans can now pre-order one of three pre-order: Digital Download Edition ($30), Luxury Edition ($40) and the fanciest Atomic Edition ($90)!

Any pack purchased at the official site gives you guaranteed access to Atomic Heart Beta in 4Q 2019!

Keep in mind, that discount is offered for a limited time only, while access to the beta is available exclusively to those who purchased the copy at the official site of the Atomic Heart.

Yikes, beta at end of 2019!

From the trailer, I would of guessed it was way further along than this.
Looks creepy as heck.

I'll definitely keep an eye on this one.
melee combat reminds me of condemned. hand-picking up all the items seems like overkill. button mashing for knockdown is kinda lame.

dig the retro art style / weirdness though