Amazon Fire TV stick vs Fire TV box?

lol, mine got pushed back again, now December 19th. It went from December 12, to the 17th, and now the 19th :lol:

Just got it, downloading the latest software right now. The remote is nice, unit seems pretty fast, but haven't seen much of the UI yet since this download is going...
Seems great so far, very fast, good interface, and the phone app is good (though having to load it through the Amazon app is lame).
If it runs as well as you say I'll probably use it instead of the 360. Do you know if the stick supports Netflix SuperHD like the box does? I think it's absolutely ridiculous that the 360 Netflix app still only does 720p max.
There is a way to root via some soldering and mounting the inboard storage on a PC. I just ordered the eMMS interface from the guy on GTVHacker who built it, got 3 sticks I want to root (actually 4 if you count the one my mom has).
Got mine and have been using it for a bit. It's pretty slick. Image quality is great and it definitely feels snappier than the 360.
Messed around with mine over the holiday weekend, love it so far. Really snappy and has tons of titles. Plugged into the back of my receiver too so I get surround sound. Unlike the Fire TV box though, the stick is WiFi only - but I didn't have a single hiccup streaming 1080p movies. Very much worth the mere $19.
when I couldn't use Hulu or Netflix on my xbox last night (due to l33t hackerz) I regretted not having a backup like this :bleh2: