Would you spend more on repairs than your vehicle is worth?

In answer to the OP question, yes. We had to replace the engine in our 2011 Prius that my son drives. Total with parts and labor came to ~$6k. The car is worth less than that, considering how many miles it has on it. But it's still cheaper than another used car. Used car prices are nuts these days.

Well, something good will come out of all this. I haven’t spent much time mechanicking lately and I really miss it, so beastie is now my new hobby truck. Ugly as sin :lol: but it’s paid for lol.
we had a neighbour with a lift in his barn, it was awesome. He was a DTM-mechanic when he was younger so he had every tool you could think of. Also he knew a thing or two about cars. Needless to say he had lots of friends, especially when people needed to change their tires, get an oil-change and stuff like that ...... that aside he was just a very nice, cool guy. Sadly he moved away, i miss him (and his lift).

Best of luck with your "project" ;)
Thanks man…at this point, if the truck doesn’t fall on me, and I don’t lose any fingers….getting it to pass inspection will just be the icing on cake :p
I started prepping what I can to repair my truck. It’s worse than I thought, but the upside is I don’t have anything to lose at this point.

But stripping away chunks of rusted metal and being able to see inside I can see why welders turned the job down. :lol:

I’ll make a “redneck repair” thread with pics on it soon. For the laughs…strictly for the laughs lol.