What's the last thing you purchased?

That's forward thinking. Have to wonder if an intermediate goal of down payment on a house might not be a bigger impact overall though? Ownership VS lifetime of rent.
That's another plan entirely. I'm hoping that do something about that but it's linked to my pension and the lump sum I'll get from that. I thnk in the future kids will every bit of help they can muster. The SIPP is very much the long game, cash goes in, you invest it as you see fit and she won't be able to access till she's 57 at least. When she's 18 she can take control of the product and manage it herself. I think it's easier to talk pensions with young people if they have something to nuture to begin with.
Red Dragon K580 Vata KB; brown keys. The old Bloody KB was starting to get antsy.