What TV shows are you currently watching?

Finished Dead Boy Detectives. Sort of a more mature version of Lockwood and Co. and ended in a better way if we don't get a season 2 (Lockwood left a huge question unanswered). Was hoping the show would be more British than it turned out but oh well, at least there were lots of cats in it. Also another Endless from Sandman made a cameo.
Re-watching Castle, with the wife. An episode per evening is a relax-time together.
Star Wars Rebels - Finally finished this. Can't believe they did a thing in a kids show. With only 4 seasons it felt like it had fewer fill episodes. Glad I watched the toons before Ahsoka to get the backstories!
Ahsoka - Wow this show is such a fan trip for folk that watched Rebels. You'll miss quite a lot if you haven't watched the toons before hand. Glad it got a season 2 as it still has a lot of loose ends at the end. Two of the characters seem a bit off from the toons (one is understandable due to huge life changes at the end of Rebels) the other I hope gets fleshed out more in season 2.
Renegade Nell - Period piece with some supernatural stuff. It was entertainment and ended well where it doesn't necessarily need another season. The Indian coach from Ted Lasso is in this show.
Watched Sugar on Apple TV. It's a modern Noir detective show with Colin Farrel. Does an unexpected twist about 3/4 of the way through. Enjoyed it.
Star Wars Tales of the Jedi - 6 short 15min episodes that is split between how Dooku became bad and some Ahsoka stuff that was nice but not necessary to watching her own show.
Star Wars Tales of the Empire - Just as short as Tales of the Jedi but this time filling in some backstory of one of the big bad of Ahsoka and what happened to a fallen Jedi in Clones after the fall of the Republic.
The Acolyte is starting off fairly strong. Got a free trial of Paramount+, subscribed to watch the latest South Park movie and now pushing through 4 seasons of Evil before it expires. Go Luke Cage!
I thought the first 2 eps of Acolyte were ok, looks good and good cast but the writing needs to be a bit better... huge discrepancy between critic and audience reviews on this one...
just looked at the rotten tomatoes score... really weird. I notice that the audience score is structured differently from the critic score.

Audience: "The percentage of users who rated this 3.5 stars or higher."

As opposed to the critic scores which just need to be a thumbs up.... more good than bad. If 60% or more thumbs up, it's fresh.

So, assuming both are coming from the same place, the consensus is somewhere between 2.5 and 3.5 stars? Sounds about right. the low audience score I don't think means "avoid this like the plague", but more "Its ok, nothing mindblowing."
IMDB has it at 4.3 which is a bit low... I give it the first 2 5-10. If they can tighten up that writing it can go higher easily.