What TV shows are you currently watching?

Update Brothers Sun has evolved into poor comedy Asian drama. Pass. I was 4 episodes in so that was a huge waste of my time.
Gen V I know the story of Boys and love it. This whole show though is just not doing it for me. Like having a main character that pukes or one that transforms into woman/man. Yeah, not for me.
As such, I rather not tolerate or watch typical entertainment programs. However, some interesting series are certainly worth mentioning here, unfortunately, I was disappointed with Echo, I hoped that Marvel would enter with a sharp nudge, and here an unpleasant surprise. Currently Reachel no has something in this series, a big flop for me also turned out to be Monarch
Summer Time Rendering (Hulu/Disney+) - Ground Hog Day anime murder/mystery show. Starts strong but like most time travel shows some things get confusing/wonky as it goes along. Noticed the Disney Bundle option was available from within the Apple ecosystem and gave it a shot. Within Disney+ you only get the dubbed option (well this thing is still in beta so okay) so had to go to Hulu and spent a confusing 5-10 minutes to link the two accounts and watch it subbed over there.
Heavenly Delusion(Tengoku daimakyô) (Hulu) - Post apocalyptic anime that needed a longer run or another season as it ended with way too many unanswered questions. It has some interesting parts but seeing how this show hasn't confirmed another season I'd hold off because as it is, its sorta unfulfilling.
Star Wars Clone Wars - Prepping for Ahsoka. Took a few subs to get through all 7 seasons. Really makes me appreciate short seasons more as there was quite a bit of fluff in the first 5 seasons (basically any episode that was R2D2/C3PO centric). Then came the final 2 (shorter) seasons where they really moved the lore and stuff got really good especially the last couple of episodes. Won't be able to finish Rebels in the current sub so Ahsoka will still be a long ways away but I'll eventually get there.
True Detective: Night Country This iteration of True Detective is set in rural Alaska and it's eerie because it's night all the time. Jodie Foster is surprisingly good as the head detective, and she pulls off hard-assery well. Jonathan Hawks (Deadwood) is in it, too, and some good new-comers. Plot: All the 7-8 members of a research facility outside of town go missing all at once. Like some of the other seasons, the current investigation ties into a past unsolved crime.

Bring your mittens!
Avatar: The Last Airbender (live action) - It's not bad but I felt some iconic encounters were squeezed in because they were iconic but really reduced their impact. I didn't care much for this representation of Bumi so far. I didn't feel the exposition dumps were too horrible but what can you do when stuff gets squished. The parts that were allowed to breathe did well. Anyways I heard it got renewed and will keep watching despite the issues.
I just started watching it. Two episodes in. Seems okay so far.

It doesn't seem like they explained much. The show sort of relies on the audience having knowledge about the world from The Boys.
I finished Gen V. Overall, I think it was fine. Pretty similar feel to The Boys.
Probably the criticism I had was that it was too similar to The Boys, while the Boys is still running. So the concern is that they're milking the series a little too much. Sort of like how Fear the Walking Dead was just another version of The Walking Dead. So you just ended up having too series that felt the same and you could easily mix up their plots. Particularly at a time when The Walking Dead was already wearing out its welcome.

And after that I finished 'A Murder at the End of the World'. It was by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, who did The OA, which I was disappointed got canceled.

It was okay. I know it was marketed as a 'Gen Z' detective. But I'm not really sure what that was supposed to mean. The lead just had some tattoos, hairy armpits, was a hacker, died her hair pink, and used a fidget spinner in the first episode. It felt more like a board room decision on what they think Gen Z or Millenials are supposed to be.

The show itself was just okay. I'm not sure if it is intended to have a second season, but I'd probably watch it, but not particularly be eager for it.

I thought the flashback sequences felt like a waste of time. I think it was best demonstrated early in the first episode when they spent like 3 minutes with the two characters singing an Annie Lennox song before introducing the storyline, or their background/motives, etc.

I think it would have been more enjoyable if they leaned a bit more in the sci-fi stuff. The ending kind of wrapped up quickly and unconvincingly.

Some additional comments that mention what actually happens:

The flashbacks feel hollow because Bill dies at the end of the first episode. So it doesn't really feel like you're getting a lot out of exploring the relationship between the two characters.

What I meant that the ending wrapped up unconvincingly was that they destroy the AI by smashing a window and throw a burning laptop into a server farm, and that defeats an AI. No cloud storage or backup for this ultra-important, centerpiece to a tech-genius' ultimate product.
I liked Murder at the End of the World, but I liked Death and Other Details more. (Also on Hulu with Inigo Montoya.)

Also Watching Tokyo Vice on HBO which is good.

Constellation on Apple TV I want to like, but I'm just not getting it so far. Both the liking and the overall plot.

Started The Regime last night... wierd show. I guess something like The Great set in modern times in some unnamed slovakia or stan country, but everyone has english accents, and the head of state is pretty literally nuts.
Rewatched the season finale of Andor season 1. It’s a masterpiece of tying together all of the season to a climax that really makes season 2 something to look forward to. Tony Gilroy is a master of the “show don’t tell” style of storytelling. Every minute of that last episode had meaning and purpose. It is awesome. Still a 10/10 for me. Bring on season 2!
Watching The Ones Who Live (Walking Dead) after stopping when Rick left the OG series. It's nice to see him back and the show is not bad but there is only one episode left and it's going to be super rushed. Or they'll do a cliffhanger for a s2
I've only seen Fear the Walking Dead, which had some good elements, esp s2/s3 but it went to shit eventually.
3 Body Problem is actually turning out better than I had expected (3 ep in now?) I've read the series and didn't think they'd be able to turn it into a TV show worth watching. Some of the casting I'm not totally onboard with, but overall it's working. In some respects it's better than the book. Certain moritvations/relationships seem clearer on the screen, probably due to tightening things up so that you don't forget stuff. :)
Watching The Ones Who Live (Walking Dead) after stopping when Rick left the OG series. It's nice to see him back and the show is not bad but there is only one episode left and it's going to be super rushed. Or they'll do a cliffhanger for a s2
Cliff hanger guaranteed. I remember watching The walking dead.. and each damn season was a cliff hanger. After negan (sp?) I stopped. I enjoyed the show to a point but 8 episodes of boring chit chat.. and 1-2 good episode was too much after few seasons.