what is the de facto antivirus nowadays, paid or free

Im using Norton thats provided for free from comcast, actually works well and uses very little ram compared to AVG.
FYI anyone still using MSE, if your browsing habits include any sites that are even a remote risk, you may want to consider switching. Performance and useability ranked decent, but protection tests failed.


I can't believe anybody needs proof that MSE sucks. I've never seen it remove a single virus. It's like saying I'm protected I have wordpad. Actually wordpad is more useful against viruses, cause you can at least edit your hosts file with it.
When MSE came out I recommended it to everyone. Now I recommend it to no one.

Kaspersky is very good at protecting your computer for a AV software. But you should have a beefy computer because it does have a bit of a performance hit when running a full scans.