What have I gotten myself into!?


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I'm coming up to 33 years old this Feb, for the last year I have been really questioning my career path, I'm in IT but I'm also the director of my own company for which I do jack sh**, my Wife is the major bread winner, she has a Master in management, I'm just a bum...

I have been considering this for a little bit, but I finally made the decision to go to law school, holy shi... so in 3-4 years I'm going to be a lawyer.

I dropped out of high school (what we call college in NZ) so I was a little worried until my wife reminded me that I have studied two law papers already.

Anyone else done/doing this? I'm wondering how challenging it is going to be, I'm not worried about becoming a "shark" cause I pretty much am already :evil:
Hey if you guys can afford it go for it. My kid's doctor has his masters in Computer Engineering and Doctorate in pediatric medicine. At least you have a fall back if you don't make it as a lawyer. You should combine both and join the EFF :)

dont know about NZ but here in north america people are quickly realizing that law school is a scam. there are tons of employed lawyers with crushing $100,000 student loans debt.

you should do a little more research before jumping in imo
After reading the above, post, perhaps I should clarify my earlier, somewhat-tongue-in-cheek response…and this is not based on any knowledge of New Zealand/Australian law or the admissions process. Also, this is just on the mental/emotional side of things: Whether it is economically viable for you either right now or in the future, and whether you would financially recoup monies spent on the education is something entirely different.

In terms of going to law school, if you have thought about it for a long time, if it is something you are truly interested in, then you may very well find it worth it. The flip side is that if it is something you do b/c of lack of other appealing options, you will be miserable. The amount of mental/psychological stress is considerable as well, nothing like sitting there day-in-day-out at the beginning of class, knowing that someone (please not me, not me) in your group of 20 or 30 is about to get stood up and get questioned, berated, hammered, and made generally to look like an idiot for the next hour or so by a professor whose argument skills are years experienced beyond your own.

Then the really funny part is when you're in school and get a part time job with a lawyer, and they laugh and tell you “yeah, law school doesn’t teach you anything”. And you get offended and think “well, then you just weren’t paying attention”. And then a few years later, you marvel at what you learn the first 3-4 years AFTER you get out and think “damn, they really didn’t teach me anything.” :nuts:

But if you really want to pretend that you're Perry ****ing Mason, it's the only way to go :D
^That sounds like any field to me.


I had pretty much the same (albeit in reverse) in I.T. in reverse because I worked in I.T. for 8 years before getting any formal education, actually I learned a lot from my I.T. studies because I already had experience, I probably took a lot more away from it than someone who knows nothing.

Also I think maturity is a major factor, hell I'm 33, if I had decided this when I was say 20-21 I wouldn't have had the maturity and experience to do it (same goes for I.T. too)

As far as the money is concerned, my wife and I are earning enough to pay for it outright.

I enjoyed studying the last 2 law papers and law school in NZ is nothing like law school in the US...
It looks like the fees are not going to be much more than $22k over 4 years which is not much at all, especially since I will be earning $30k per year part time while I study.
Law is a bad idea imo. 4 years of pain, then maybe get the Bar after taking some exams and ****. Work like a dog for a law firm as an associate for about 3-5 years before you actually start seeing life again. By that time you will be in your 40s and punks with law degrees at 26 would be showing you the finger. You may say now that it won't bother you but trust me it will. Find a career worth having with people that would be around your age.

Suggestion, fwiw.
pfft I'm not going to work for someone else, that would be retarted.

I already have my own established business, the problem I have now is that I need to be licensed for the field I'm in (immigration adviser) I currently employ a licensed adviser to get around it, the choice I have now is to study for a year to get an advisers licence, then apply for the licence and pay a fee for every subsequent year I want to be licensed, or study law, become a lawyer and be permanently exempt from having to hold a license.

The second option sounds way more appealing because it gives me way more options.
I got an offer of place, which I accepted, so just over a month and I will be at law school....
Thought I'd revive this thread cause I quit law school in 2014 after a second fail year due to family and work commitments.

NZ closed the border so I'm effectively out of work as an immigration adviser so I'm back at law school full-time, they took me back for part 2 (second year) of the law degree.

It feels different this time around. I have 8 years experience as a litigator, even if its only one field of law. Managed to do very well in a few tests and assignments.

What I do have are a very particular set of skills :manches:

Mid-year exams start on Wednesday.
From dropping out of high school to being a lawyer? Sorry if I sound like an arse but boy... that escalated quickly.

Good you have great goals though.