Welcome to the new Rage3D Forums!

Looks great. Feeling good so far. I guess we'll see if it's crawling in a few days. Thanks Dave. If it brings the gang home I'll be a happy man.
This is certainly different. Nice job on doing a full migration. Any chance we'd be able to get to hear a breakdown of what you needed to do to migrate?
Now come to discord
Breaking up with Slack and Discord: why it's time to bring back forums

Sadly, these slick upstarts also come with downsides for online community building. And I believe it's time to revive the good old-fashioned forum as the true home for discussion, collaboration and relationships.

While enabling instant communication between members around the globe, Slack and Discord weren't necessarily designed to facilitate rich, long-term community interactions. Conversations quickly become disorganised and fragmented across multiple crowded channels. Discussions end up fractured instead of developing depth in a single thread. There's no central repository of reference material for members to search or easily browse. Information gets dispersed and lost.

In globally diverse communities, conversations on Slack and Discord become segregated by time zone. The active discussions might thrive for a few peak hours centred around North American or European work schedules. Late joiners end up scrolling through huge, flooded backlogs to try to piece together context. Quieter members in far-off time zones feel left out, and trying to catch up or contribute meaningfully is a full-time job.

Forums allowed more gradual onboarding by browsing archives to build knowledge before contributing. But real-time chat platforms pose a high barrier to entry for newcomers trying to penetrate established communities. The firehose of running conversations, inside jokes, complex terminology, and unfamiliar cultural norms can overwhelm new members. As a result, too many Slack workspaces and Discord servers have trouble retaining and integrating a steady influx of new members into the fold.

For online communities looking to grow beyond just small circles of like-minded friends, pairing real-time chat platforms with traditional discussion forums could provide the best of both worlds. Reserving Slack or Discord for time-sensitive conversations and logistics while hosting deeper discussions and collective intelligence on forums may improve engagement and inclusiveness.

Unlike most chat apps, forums allow conversations to develop at more thoughtful pacings with well-constructed dialogue. Members can take time crafting articulate posts, which persist as valuable community resources, instead of being lost in ephemeral streams. The asynchronous nature ensures all global contributors can participate comfortably regardless of their timezone. Exploring archives helps new members progressively build knowledge, context, and relationships within foreign communities without being overwhelmed.
I don't use Discord, but I've been on it a few times looking up some stuff with regard to game modding. Honestly it looks like a complete mess.

On another note, thanks for your hard work in reviving the forums Dave!
Now come to discord
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Glad to see. Will be interesting to see if this can revitilize the community on the site.
This is certainly different. Nice job on doing a full migration. Any chance we'd be able to get to hear a breakdown of what you needed to do to migrate?
Yeah I'll be happy to. Traveling for work this week, haven't had time to respond properly. I'll post something this weekend.
Happy to report the smilies are now all working and match the forum theme:runaway::drool:
Fixed some issues with the forum theme - a big one being that when you're browsing the forum, the top banner will now stay at the top of your browser window while you scroll.
I like that it doesn't extend across my entire screen now. Can read without looking like I'm watching tennis.
Massive fix completed: Rage3D Email server is now fully secure, which means that new user verification emails are now going out, also means that password reset emails are going out, and lastly allows us to send emails to users as needed.