Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi has reached Beta status.

Here's the list of features they've implemented:

TP1 (released on 27.01.2015)
Tab stacking
Speed Dial
Bookmarks manager
Downloads manager
Quick commands
Mouse gestures
Page actions
Colored tabs
Visual tabs
Recently closed tabs

TP2 (released on 05.03.2015)
Bookmarks bar
On-demand image loading
Spatial navigation

TP3 (release on 28.04.2015)
Tab Stack Tiling
Unseen page marker
Native window
Personal data importing
Plug-ins on demand
Background tabs loading indicator

TP4 (release on 16.07.2015)
Startup options
Color schemes
UI zoom
HiDPI support
Pinned tabs
Task manager

Beta 1 (released on 03.11.2015)
Chromeless UI
Tabs visual navigation
Private window
Page loading progress indicator
Typed history list
Smooth scrolling
Geolocation support
HTML5 h.264 support
Full Extensions support
Zoom and Image Cache STILL borked.. (will not retain settings)
.. getting better but still lacking compared to opera 12.
Imma try Vivaldi on the HTPC that I'm only now upping from XP to W7. :eek:

I'm assuming if it's Opera-based it'll do HTML5 pretty well, which is why I'm not locked into Firefox on this rig.

And, hey, anyone who has DckDuckGo on their homepage can't be all bad, right?
Version 1.5 has been released

They've improved tab management. You can select multiple tabs to close, move to other windows, etc.

They have a basic reader mode.

They've introduced a theme changer that can change based on time of day.

And as an ultra-gimmicky feature, the browser can also change the colour of a Phillips Hue lightbulb.
Does Vivaldi have the ability to update Flash transparently without user interaction like Chrome does?

Really miss the old Opera. Tried new Opera for a bit then just switched to Chrome.
Both are equally crap, so might as well use the one that doesn't hassle me with Flash updates.