Thoughts about this?

Nah. Turbo is too rich for my blood. I am good with an S. Anyways you can’t drive over 120 KPH in Dubai unless you love 200-300$ fines.

Got the S as the base had no feel to it. Heck a base Macan felt like it was something but the S at least feels like you are driving something decent.
After a lot of soul searching and going through the sour experience of selling the used Audi at 54% of MSRP after only 2 years of use I gave up on the brand new Porsche Cayenne S order. I got my refund even (though deposit was not refundable).

Surprisingly I found this car and called the guy today. He was able to give a decent price plus had done major service, tire change and has warranty till end of the year. Only 58K KMs.

Quite happy saving 200K dirhams on the same car I was trying to order. This is 2019 mid year model (so about 2.5 years old).